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Homework Hotline- Parent's Choice Award Winner

WXXI's Homework Hotline website, the companion to our Homework Hotline educational television program, won a 2008 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award!


Monroe County Day Care Subsidies

If you live in Monroe County, you have probably heard about, read about or been personally impacted by the reduction in county day care subsidies from New York State. While this topic and its effects may be somewhat confusing for anyone who does not have children or is not a part of the early childhood community, the impact is wide reaching.


Olympic Lessons

Like many people, I have been enjoying the Olympic Games. Although there are some sports that I find more interesting than others, I tune in for almost any competition or match-up.

With so much media attention on the medal winners and record setters, it is easy to overlook the other competitors who have each had their own long road to the Olympic Games.


Mr. Rogers for President

The much beloved Mr. Rogers is dead and gone, but the man continues to make news. Yesterday I found the article 15 Reasons Mr. Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever on CNN's homepage, and decided to have a read.


Talula by Any Other Name.....

Names fascinate me. The names of people, places, things, as well as linguistics and word origins in general, never fail to rouse my interest. I am always curious to know why a person was given their name or even why someone might choose to give their pet a particular moniker or to learn the history behind a word that we use on a daily basis.


Forming Media Relationships

As of last Thursday, I have started working from home and will continue to do so for the next few months. New into the realm of the home work environment, it has taken me a few days to arrange a set up that is comfortable and conducive to getting work done.


Summer Reading

"Utterly enchanting....It is impossible to come away from an Alexander McCall Smith novel without a smile on the lips and warm fuzzies in the heart." -- Chicago Sun-Times

To me, the above quote is a perfect summary of what a good summer read should embody.


To Test or Not to Test-

Is that the question??

Autism is very much a hot button topic these days. News reports, celebrity books and advocates as well as an increase in cases diagnosed place autism in the news on almost a daily basis. Today I ran across the article titled Experts Argue Over Push to Test Autism Treatment and found it to be very thought provoking read.


Sanity Borrowers

The new NBC television show Baby Borrowers was brought to my attention via a newsletter from Zero to Three, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the healthy development and well-being of infants, toddlers and their families.

To summarize Zero to Three's response to NBC's "intriguing new social experiment...


A Day in the Life of.....

I ran across an interesting article titled Diaper Genie by Emily Yoffe, which details her experiences working at a daycare for 2 weeks. Akin to the TV show Dirty Jobs, Yoffe refers to herself as a "human guinea pig, humiliating herself for fun and profit" by trying various jobs and hobbies that people are curious about.

For anyone who thinks that daycare workers are overpaid or that it is an easy job, I encourage you to read Yoffe's comments.

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