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Me minus you. Obviously a bad idea. That's why it feels so good to get back together. It's easy to dismiss the 1987 Peaches & Herb smash “Reunited.” Let's be cool about it. Let's call it "romantic schlock," like NPR's John Murph, but let's also praise The Jazz Passengers for their clever remake.

Oh, That Magic Feeling

The idea of a tribute band is a bit strange on one level. Remember that shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Pyscho? Definite head-scratcher. Of course, with music, you have countless people who have spent countless hours wearing out LPs, listening to the same songs in the same order, feeling the same anticipation for the first notes of that next song.

Mark Murphy blows

Jazz Fest starts in one week! With the caveat that I don't know every last act featured on Day One, my must-see pick would have to be Mark Murphy. I first heard him in my college years at SUNY Fredonia, 1986, the year his album Keroauc, Then and Now came out.


Christopher Hitchens’ latest dispatch from the region he has called ‘Tumortown’ chronicles the loss of his voice to cancer. It’s a harrowing examination of how his very identity seems to be slipping away, too.


Happy Birthday!


Roy Orbison would have turned 75 today. Affectionate thoughts going out to him for making the world a better place.


Spring Wind

Greg is playing the German House April 19th. Maybe he'll sing about his unwed wife.


Love and Affection

She’s a terrific flirt; always made up, poured into a dress, beaming and winking...until one moment. Floating out at sea under the moonlight, she sinks into reflection. “I want one of those encounters that last a lifetime. I want a family, children, a husband to chat with in the evening over coffee maybe and to make love with now and then because when you must, you must. But affection is more important than love and I am so full of affection. But who can I give it to? Who will take it?”


Between the Lines

"What are men compared to rocks and mountains?"

Jane Austen wasn't talking about the Super Bowl when she wrote that, but I imagine she might enjoy the prospect of her characters doing battle with the Packers and the Steelers this Sunday.


Telling Stories

In a recent Fresh Air interview, David Mitchell talked about his craft. “I think it's through stories that we perceive the world. It’s through stories that we communicate with one another." You don’t have to look far for examples. People have stories about politics and religion, and perceive the world accordingly. They have stories about race and gender and love. They have stories about themselves, about who they are or who they’re supposed to be.

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