Are you having trouble finding our stations on cable?

Are you having trouble finding our stations on cable?

Spectrum has re-assigned channels.

Time Warner Cable, now Spectrum Cable, has made changes to channel assignments for some local channels which has resulted in the lost of WXXI's channels.

If you're a cable subscriber and have a direct connection to your TV, you may only need to rescan your TV to locate the channels. This can usually be accomplished by using the remote control, selecting the cable mode in the menu, and locating the scan or rescan option. This process may take several minutes as it will scan through all the possible frequencies and relocate the channels.  

If you're cable subscriber and are connected through a cable box, you'll need to call the cable company.  The reception of these channels will now, or very shortly require a special cable set-top box that is available from Spectrum Cable. As was publicized by Spectrum several months ago, the required box to enable reception would be available from the cable provider at no charge for one year. After that period, there will be a minimum monthly charge. Please note: Your basic digital TV cable service is managed by Spectrum Cable and WXXI has no control as to what areas are affected or when the re-assignment of these channels are changed.

Remember: All WXXI channels (WXXI-TV, WXXI-Create, WXXI-World, WXXI-Kids) are available for free with over-the-air reception. All that is required is an antenna (preferable outdoor), cable from the antenna to the digital receiver or set-top converter.  For a list of Rochester channel locations, click here.

If you still need help, please call WXXI Audience Services at (585) 258-0200.

Spectrum Cable: 1-855-243-8892