Copland Summer

A few friends sat on a porch in Rochester on a recent cool summer night.  There was music, and beer, and some talk of going hiking. The music varied as different people used Spotify to play Nick Waterhouse, Leonard Cohen, Olivia Tremor Control, Wilco, and whatever else came to mind.

Late at night, late enough to be almost early, one of the denizens of this porch called up Copland’s music for The Red Pony. He then turned to me, the ostensible classical music expert, and asked:  “Why do I like this music? What makes it so good?”

Mornings, August 13 - 17

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All you ever wanted

A study by the Internet-based market research firm Harris Interactive revealed that 57 percent of Americans ended 2011 with unused vacation time, working, on average, 11 of their allotted days off.  That’s 70 percent of their potential time to relax and spend time with family and friends!

Why do so many of us work rather than rest? 

We might take a cue from classical musicians who find creative ways to combine work and pleasure, especially in the summer months.

August 2012 listings for the New York Philharmonic

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