The WXXI Travel Club landed in Milan Sunday morning, jazzed and tired after an overnight flight from New York.  A bus carried us through hills, vineyards, and quarries to the resort town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore, a few miles from the Swiss border.  Here was everything already loved and familiar; emerald woods, sapphire waters, hills, fragrant gardens.  I’ve heard the Finger Lak


Beautiful Dreamers CD cover

It seemed tentative at first. There was a bit of tuning. Then Bill Frisell started something more substantial on guitar. Eyvind Kang added colors with the violin and Rudy Royston accented on drums. Now and then, Bill or Eyvind would crouch down and fiddle with knobs on the electronics boxes on the floor.

Images: Wednesday's Free Concerts

The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Fest isn't just about big name headliners and late night jam sessions - there are also free concerts featuring local talent all week long.

"Jazz Break" Friday on WXXI-AM

Scott Regan and Alex Crichton preview Friday and Saturday highlights at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Behind the Music and the Money of the Jazz Fest

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward takes an in-depth look at the economic impact of the Jazz Festival 10 years into its existence in Rochester.

Midday Music Highlights, 6/20-6/24/11

Weekdays from 10AM-2PM

Hope you can spend the day with me!  Here are some hints of things to come...

Next stop, Italy . . .

Watch this space for pictures and highlights.

A Streetside Serenade

WXXI is recording performances on stage and off at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival for a future television special.

"Jazz Break" Thursday on WXXI-AM

Scott Regan and Alex Crichton preview Thursday's highlights at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Fats Domino - Walkin' Back to New Orleans

Fri, 07/06/2012 - 8:00pm

Rock 'n' roll legend Fats Domino performs his greatest hits in a concert to benefit New Orleans’ Hurricane Katrina victims.

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