Earth Day

April 22- is Earth Day!

Don't squeeze the Charmin and don't read the books, either

A friend of mine snapped this picture yesterday at a local antiques co-op.  The shelf behind the hand-written sign was lined with well-worn children's books of no particular value.  At first, my friend thought the seller must be an incredible book snob to post such a notice. Then he had another thought, that the books might contain material some might find offensive.  If I'd been there, I would have asked the seller directly.  Other theories?

WXXI Parenting Counts Brown Bag Lunch Series

Bring your lunch and join us at WXXI for 2 FREE parent information events!!

WXXI Curious Kids Workshops

Are you an early childhood educator?  Would you like to learn how to integrate media and hands-on activities with books to teach concepts in your classroom?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, then WXXI's Curious Kids workshops may be for you!
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