Governor Paterson Answering to Upstate at WXXI

Watch the program the entire state is buzzing about after Governor Paterson came to Rochester. 


State Education Report Becomes Debating Point for Mayoral Control

The New York State Department of Education listed nine Rochester schools among those considered "persistently lowest achieving."

Answering to Upstate

Tue, 01/26/2010 - 9:00pm

New York Governor David Paterson participated in an editorial board meeting with six upstate New York newspaper editors.

Need to Know: The Budget Battle

WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt and New York Now's Matt Ryan provide analysis of the governor's 2010-11 budget proposal. Join us Sunday afternoon at 12:30.

Dialogue on Disability: Healthy Friday

WXXI's Dialogue on Disability continues today at Noon on WXXI-AM 1370. Listen to learn about sports for the disabled and adaptive physical therapy and sports medicine for those with arthritis, injuries and other medical issues.



Paterson Says He's in the Race to Stay

Amid battles over the budget and ethics reform, Governor Paterson says he's in the race to stay. Hear why he's making such a declaration today from WXXI's Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen Dewitt on All Things Considered on WXXI-AM 1370 beginning at 4:00pm.


Healthy Friday: A Dialogue on Disability Special

Fri, 01/22/2010 - 12:00pm

Host Elissa Orlando invites guests from Rochester Rehabilitation and CP of Rochester to discuss sports, recreation, health and wellness.

Thursday: Juvenile Justice in NY

WXXI-AM 1370: John Jay College of Criminal Justice President Jeremy Travis talks LIVE beginning at noon Thursday about the results of a recent critical examination of juvenile justice in our state.


Hear from Greece's New Police Chief

The Town of Greece introduces a new police chief today.  Listen to his plans for the embattled department today on All Things Considered beginning at 4:00 only on WXXI-AM 1370.



President Obama: One Year in Office

University of Rochester political science faculty chair Gerald Gamm grades President Obama's performance as he marks his first anniversary in office.

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