Natural Gas in Western NY: To Drill or Not To Drill

There is a new development in the controversial battle over natural gas drilling in Western New York.

Governor Paterson in Rochester

New York Governor David Paterson is in Rochester today.  Paterson is visiting the two Rochester Police officers wounded on Wednesday.

NYS Senate Rejects Same Sex Marriage

Rochester's GOP delegation votes no to the proposal.

Small Business Task Force Issues Recommendations

Governor Paterson is seeking to improve relationship between state government and small businesses.

President Barack Obama Talks to the Nation

Tue, 12/01/2009 - 8:00pm

President Obama unveils his Afghan strategy in this address.

Marcellus Shale Summit Underway in Olean

Some people are calling it a "modern-day gold rush."   It's a huge reserve of natural gas located thousands of feet below the surface from West Virginia to New York's Southern Tier and the Catskills.

Lean Times for Retailers

The recession continues to effect retail in New York State.

Retailers say they're keeping inventory low, and employment flat this year.

Cornell Hosting Summit on Marcellus Shale Project

Cornell University is hosting a summit on natural gas drilling in New York.

Alternative Court Causing Controversy

New York lawmakers relaxed the Rockefeller Drug laws, and created a new court for drug-addicted defendants.

Retailers Should Expect Ho-Hum Holiday Season

Poll shows New Yorkers are not planning to spend any more - or less - this holiday season compared to last year.