WXXI on Newshour

For years, NPR has been soliciting ideas and stories from its member stations, and WXXI has responded.  Today, Bud Lowell will be filing a story about layoffs at Corning; a couple of weeks ago, he submitted a piece about the Rochester City School District and its efforts to keep kids from missing class on cold days - by picking them up at their doorsteps.  My most recent submission was about Sentry Safe.

PBS, on the other hand, rarely uses local reports in national programming.  To begin with, it is not as easy to transfer video quickly - and it can be expensive.  But, under the direction of PBS President Paula Kerger, there is a growing effort to develop the news staffs at member stations.

And WXXI is on the ground floor of this effort.


Musical Inauguration Thoughts

 A big, big day in DC means some primo exposure for a select few musicians.  Most of it worked, and somemissed the mark.


The composer bailout tournament of the century!

 One of my most important personal mantras is "Do not take yourself too seriously."  In this spirit, I present to you Recession 2008: "Which Classical Composer Would Hypothetically Survive and Who Would Need a Government Bailout, The Tournament."  

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