City Council President on Downtown Development

Rochester City Council President Lovely Warren joined Bob Smith to discuss transit terminal plans and downtown development.

Paterson Plans to Furlough State Workers

Governor David Paterson says he will furlough 100,000 state workers one day a week because of the state's financial crisis.


Paterson Proposes Immigration Policy Challenge

Governor David Paterson says he's creating a new panel to review the cases of immigrants facing deportation because of previous criminal convictions.


Watch & Read the State of the City Address

Mayor Robert Duffy spent most of his annual address talking about his proposed plan to take over control of schools.

Gillibrand Pushes Fuel Cell Technology

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited RIT Friday as part of a roundtable discussion on fuel cell technology.


Upstate City Budget Challenges

WXXI News investigates how the cities of Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse are struggling amid difficult financial times.


Legislature Leaves Without Considering Paterson's Budget Bills

Governor David Paterson wants to furlough state workers one day a week until the legislature passes a budget.


Cape Cod Wind Farm Approved

The Obama administration has approved what would be the nation's first offshore wind farm, off Cape Cod.

Paterson's Furlough Recommendation Meets Resistance

Governor David Paterson says he's recommending that the state legislature approve one day a week furloughs for state workers until the state budget, now nearly one month late, is completed.


$167.8 Million Spent on Lobbying in NY

Organizations involved in health care and education spend the most on lobbying in New York State. WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt explains who's spending big bucks and why.

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