Fourth Week with No Budget Begins

Leaders in Albany have not yet agreed on a state budget - more than three weeks after the deadline.


No Money, No Earth Day at State Capitol

Earth Day celebrations at the New York State Capitol were cancelled by the Paterson Administration, which cited a lack of money.


NY State Senator Accused of Diverting $14 Million

Democrat Pedro Espada, Jr. is the target of a lawsuit filed by Attorney Genreal Andrew Cuomo.


Tea Party Supporters Rally

The Tea Party rally in Rochester was the second one to be held on federal income tax deadline day.


House Ethics Committee Opens Massa Investigation

While former Congressman Eric Massa is no longer under the committee's jurisdiction, the actions of other House members connected to the handling of complaints about Massa will be examined. 


Conference Focuses on Wind Power

The New York Power Authority hosted a conference at MCC on developing wind power in New York State and specifically on Lake Ontario.


Slaughter Makes High Speed Rail Announcement

Local Congressman Louise Slaughter welcomed U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Rochester to talk about plans for high speed rail for upstate NY.

Wayne County Rejects Potential Wind Farm

In a unanimous vote, the Wayne County Board of Supervisors decided to oppose the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project.  The action followed a 90-minute public hearing that generated overwhelming opposition to the project.


Wind Farm on Local Waters?

Proposals to build wind turbines off the shore of Wayne County could bring the first wind farm to Lake Ontario.

Census Estimates Show Stability in Rochester Area

As the 2010 census progresses, 2009 estimates show the population of the Rochester metropolitan area is only slightly smaller than in 2000.

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