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Peter Grimes on the beach

Great Britain's Aldeburgh Festival is paying hommage to the 100th birth anniversary of composer Benjamin Britten with a crazy idea: staging Britten's opera Peter Grimes on the actual beach where the story is set.  Imagine watching Copland's The Tender Land on a farm or Puccini's Turandot in the Forbidden City.

Music programs at Rochester Public Library

In addition to finding your summer reading at the public library, you can find plenty of music there too - including thousands of recordings to check out or download.

Hochstein's MusicArts Club for Youth with Autism

The Hochstein School of Music and Dance recently created a program for young teens with Autism to experience music and arts therapy as a social group. Maria Battista-Hancock, the music therapist who leads the Expressive Arts department at Hochstein saw a need for programs for children as they grow older.

Music at the Movies

Like music? Like movies? Have any favorite combinations of the two?

Quilted Music: Caris Burton and Birds in Warped Time

Hearing a piece of music on WXXI's Classical 91.5 inspired quilting artist Caris Burton to create a new work. I love the connections she made with this music and its composer, and I'm glad that she took some time to write up this story to share here on the WXXI blog. Read Caris's story below, and you can see two music inspired quilts by Caris Burton on display at the Genessee Valley Quilt Club Show at RIT May 31st through June 2nd.


Peggy Quackenbush and the Hochstein School

Dr. Margaret Quackenbush, better known as Peggy, is the president and Executive Director of the Hochstein School of Music and Dance in Rochester.

Interview with Soprano Brittany Walker

Soprano Brittany Walker, who recently performed with pianist Michael Landrum on Live from Hochstein, got started singing early - but it wasn't until a teacher challenged her to try something new, that she discovered her love of opera, as she told WXXI's Mona Seghatoleslami.

Chroma Piano Trio interview

The Chroma Piano Trio recently played music by Antonin Dvorak and Josef Suk on Live from Hochstein. All three members of the New York City-based trio stopped by WXXI to speak with Mona Seghatoleslami about this music and their future plans.  

How does Roomful of Teeth strike you?

Caroline Shaw won the Pulitzer Prize for music this week, and if there’s one thing you’ll hear in her work, it’s the fine line between speech and song.  It’s all about connecting.