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Soprano Claron McFadden Returns to Rochester

Soprano Claron McFadden is a Rochester native and Eastman alum, who has been living in the Netherlands and performing throughout Europe for the past three decades.


Sharp Ears with "With Heart and Voice" host Peter DuBois

In WXXI’s Sharp Ears series, you’re getting exclusive recommendations from musicians on who is worth your time and attention. I learned a lot talking with organist and choral conductor Peter DuBois, an Assistant Professor of Sacred Music at the Eastman School of Music who hosts the nationally-syndicated radio show "With Heart and Voice." I would love to hear your comments, too.

The Flour City Hash House Harriers

One night this week I skipped a launch party for composer Hilary Tann's new CD to go play the recorder alone on a bridge on the edge of town, high over the Erie Canal.   Fish were jumping, swallows were skimming the water, it was impossibly beautiful and quiet, and I couldn’t resist.  So I walked up a hill to the bridge with my son’s primary school recorder and The Daily Ukule

Game of Tomes

Is there a more delicious kind of anticipation than knowing you'll have time with a good story?  Wait, don’t answer that!  Just consider three books about music I read recently that might entertain as you laze in the warmth of the sun.

The reviews are coming in

Act Three of Howard Hanson's opera Merry Mount opens with the Puritan minister Wrestling Bradford sleeping in the forest. 

Strings and Hammers - New music for a piano trio with a twist

"Strings and Hammers" is a piano trio with a twist - violinist Siri Virtanen, pianist Eunmi Ko, and double bass player Julia Shulmann. They've comissioned five new works for these three instruments, and you can hear their "Première" concert this Saturday at 8pm at Christ Church.


Recorders in Rochester, still playing after 50 years

Do you remember playing recorder in school? Do you still have your recorder?  In Rochester, you can learn and play the recorder with the Rochester Chapter of the American Recorder Society.

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