A Radio Program

What's outstanding at the Shaw Festival

WXXI-FM listener William H. Petersen of Fairport (he's also Emeritus Dean & Professor of Bexley Hall Seminary) recently made an excursion to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Here is his rave.


Andrew Alden Ensemble plays new music for old movies

Tonight at The Little Theatre, some classic movies – Nosferatu and Night of the Living Dead – will be screened with a new musical accompaniment, played live by the Boston-based Andrew Alden Ensemble. They came into WXXI’s studios to play some of their music and chat. 

Recent Radio Conversations: Bill McGlaughlin, Art of Books, Music Therapy, etc.

I've recently started including short interviews and features as a part of my time on the radio, broadcasting them alongside the music around 4:30pm. Have you noticed? Do you like hearing them on the radio? Here are links to the online versions of several recent interviews:

Exploring Bill: Interview with Bill McGlaughlin

Bill McGlaughlin is a composer, conductor, trombonist, and musical raconteur. He was the hostof public radio program St. Paul Sunday for 25 years, and now he’s celebrating 10 years of his “new” program Exploring Music. 

Donated instruments find new life in Rochester school music programs

Have an old clarinet in the closet that you haven’t played since high school band? Perhaps a guitar that’s been gathering dust?

Peter Grimes on the beach

Great Britain's Aldeburgh Festival is paying hommage to the 100th birth anniversary of composer Benjamin Britten with a crazy idea: staging Britten's opera Peter Grimes on the actual beach where the story is set.  Imagine watching Copland's The Tender Land on a farm or Puccini's Turandot in the Forbidden City.

Music programs at Rochester Public Library

In addition to finding your summer reading at the public library, you can find plenty of music there too - including thousands of recordings to check out or download.

Hochstein's MusicArts Club for Youth with Autism

The Hochstein School of Music and Dance recently created a program for young teens with Autism to experience music and arts therapy as a social group. Maria Battista-Hancock, the music therapist who leads the Expressive Arts department at Hochstein saw a need for programs for children as they grow older.