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Pipedreams Live! comes to Rochester in February 2009

Craighead Saunders Organ at Christ ChurchCraighead Saunders Organ at Christ ChurchLovers of the "King of Instruments" should mark your calendar for February 13-15, 2009, when Michael Barone comes to Rochester to host a Pipedreams Live! event.  Working in partnership with the Eastman School of Music, the local chapter of the AGO and RTOS, three concerts will take place at Sacred Heart, Christ Church and the Auditorium Theater.  All three concerts will be free and open to the public. 


Outside the Box

 Contemporary Classical Music at a Rochester Rock club.  An exciting experiment in thinking--and playing--outside the box.


What's wrong with clapping?

 A recent concert-going experience caused a mix of emotion for me: pleasure, frustration, and ultimately boredom.  It then forced me to ask the question: what's wrong with clapping between movements at a classical music concert?


Eastman Opera Competition finalists

Practice rooms are a-buzz and butterflies will be flying as the eight finalists in the Eastman School of Music Friends of Eastman Opera Competition prepare for the finals on Saturday, November 22nd at 3:00 p.m.


High School Musical 3: Senior Year

This weekend I saw High School Musical 3: Senoir Year with my unabashedly enthusiastic sister, Marsha.  She already knows most of the lyrics to the songs in the frothy Disney fantasy.   

Despite remembering high school as a relatively miserable experience, I confess I got caught up in the spirit of the film.  I marveled at its Juicy Fruit exuberance.  I almost burst into song myself.


Chasing Light . . .

“I live my life through my work. It’s not really about career anything like that. It’s about how you get through the days and having the good fortune and the opportunity to think about the kind of musical issues that really give my life real meaning.”
- Joseph Schwantner

Hear the recording of last weekend’s world premiere of Schwantner’s new work “Chasing Light . . .” Monday, September 29th at 10:00 p.m. (ET) streaming on Nevada’s KUNR. The piece will be played by 58 orchestras in all 50 U.S. states. Schwantner taught at the Eastman School of Music for several decades.


Gigs to watch out for at Eastman

The other day, a friend warned me to avoid the new Facebook game, Scramble. Too addictive, he said. If you use the online social networking site Facebook, you know it contains many such delightful ways to avoid work.

But it’s useful, too.


Exciting Young soprano receives Warfield Scholarship

Today I was honored to attend the William Warfield Scholarship Fund Luncheon where we were all treated to several selections sung by 2007-2008 Scholarship Recipient Julia Allyson Bullock, a Junior at the Eastman School of Music.

This dynamic young woman from St. Louis has a sparkling personality and a clarity of voice that was captivating. Her voice changed from powerful to beautifully sensitive as she expressed the changing character of the music.
Photo by Gerry SzymanskiPhoto by Gerry Szymanski

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