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The candidates and the arts: where McCain and Obama stand

My interest in the upcoming U.S. presidential election surprises me.  I'm not to the point yet of devouring hourly updates on polling data, but it's bordering on obsession.

A friend of mine who's a professional musician did some digging and posted a fine piece of citizen-journalism on his Facebook page.  It compares the arts policies of the two U.S. presidential candidates.  


Access to Candidates information


I agree with Bob in saying that if it (TV ads or Website video Blurb) is not captioned it is a slap in our faces. I have been following this problem for several years and I remember those who do caption their TV ads or Website Video Blurb when we go to the voting booths.

What I cannot track is what is broad casted on the radio because they are not captioned, but they do carry (repeat) it on the websites. I wish the radio stations would post the text of what was broad casted. Some do and others do not. Granted this is not the issue with the candidates as much as the Broadcasters. If it were posted in TEXT then I would be able to read what the candidates said over the airwaves. This is also true for the video broadcaster (Local and National News).

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