Leonard Cohen


Christopher Hitchens’ latest dispatch from the region he has called ‘Tumortown’ chronicles the loss of his voice to cancer. It’s a harrowing examination of how his very identity seems to be slipping away, too.


Miracle Fish

I guess we owe some kind of grudging debt to the underhanded business manager that stole Leonard Cohen’s money a few years back. That betrayal plucked the songwriter from his Buddhist retreat on Mount Baldy and sent him back out on the road to refill the coffers. A lot of people have had a lot of pleasure in a lot of concert halls because of what that guy did. Leonard’s one of them, actually.


Best Music of 2009

In reviewing the music of 2009, I was struck by how good it actually was. My first thought was that no one recording knocked me out as the run away best of the year, but there were so many exceptional ones, it was hard to pick just ten.


Sometimes I find I get to thinking of the past, when we swore to each other that our love would last.
You kept right on loving. I went on a fast. Now I am too thin and your love is too vast.
- Leonard Cohen, "Tonight Will Be Fine"

Why Not Ask For More?

A lot of times, live music impresses, or fails to, based on your expectations going in. We’ve all been surprised by some obscure opening act. We’ve all been disappointed by a familiar headliner. But there are some performers who are so iconic that their mere presence is off-the-charts exciting. I felt this way about seeing Miles Davis and Chuck Berry years ago, and I felt it again this weekend in Toronto.

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