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Kitchen Dreams

Although I usually discuss Matters Musical, I thought today I'd take a detour...straight into the kitchen.

Remmereit Fever

When the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra announced Arild Remmereit would succeed Christopher Seaman as the RPO’s Music Director in 2011, nearly every media outlet in town sent a reporter or crew to cover the story.  I think that everyone, whether they listen to Jay-Z or Jewel or Janacek, recognizes the importance of the orchestra in any city.


NYC with no LVB, JSB, or FJH??

You always hear us ask "what would your life be like without classical music on the radio?"  Well, New York City might be about to find out.

Younger than springtime

Listening to classical music keeps you young, according to the world’s first musical pharmacologist. 
from Shanghai Museum, this is really oldfrom Shanghai Museum, this is really old

Try this at home.  Put on your classical music station. Then click here to read the New York Times article. By the time you've finished, you’ll actually be thirty seconds YOUNGER than when you started.


So? Where's the hype this time?!?

Mozart turned 250, and you couldn't turn around without banging your shins on another recording of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.  Mendelssohn turns 200 and...not so much.

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