Our "secret" podcasts e-mail address?

Testing something here. Here's an email address that we use with our podcasts that we normally wouldn't want to post online in the clear. We'd like to hide it so that the spam doesn't come pouring in. reCAPTCHA Mailhide is supposed to take care of this for us, now. The e-mail address is: Notice the ... in the middle of the address, you can click that to reveal the address... That is, if you're human! See my other post: to learn more about this.


reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Read Books.

As this site becomes more popular and easier to find on the internet, we have been targeted by more and more automated "spam posting" robots. They try to post comments anonymously and/or register as members so that they can do more spam posting.

To help prevent this, we have chosen to use a very cool system called "reCAPTCHA" to test for non-humans when either of the above two things occur. You've probably seen them before... The squiggled words that are easy enough for you and I to read, but are very difficult for a computer to decipher.

But what's so interesting about reCAPTCHA is that is has two great features.

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