I'll give you three notes

Years ago I was a contestant in a live, Jeopardy-like quiz show hosted by conductor Peter Bay and the RPO at the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center.   Fresh out of college, I thought I knew a lot about music.  Boy, did I eat humble pie. 



Thursday's mystery piece

Rimsky-KorsakovRimsky-KorsakovToday’s mystery piece: Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Procession of the Nobles” from Mlada. It’s a short work by a Russian composer with sailing experience.  His family pushed him to serve in the Navy, so he enlisted.


The International Language

I always thought music was the international language, but Paul Oldfield has a different definition. Fans of The Spice Girls and Rimsky-Korsakov will be blown away by this story from The Guardian.


Books are your friends

I missed the bus home yesterday. After considering various options, I hopped the next one, knowing it would only take me halfway. The second, pokey bus dropped me off on a springy bit of green turf outside what was, is, and ever more shall be my favorite used bookstore. Oh, joy! I walked in with a light heart and about seven bucks.

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