Rochester International Jazz Festival

Porkslap Fever

In his introduction, Jack Garner noted the irony of having a band from Finland perform in the hottest venue at the festival – hot temperature-wise, that is. The Lutheran Church of the Reformation was sweltering last night as the Timo Lassy Band took the stage, or the altar. They began with African Rumble and Early Move, tunes I featured on What’s New a few weeks back.

Take It Easy, But Take It

Nat Hentoff is stalking me.

First I saw his American Legacy article on women in jazz.

Then he pops up in this Lenny Bruce book I've been reading, “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People: An Autobiography.” While on the stand at the comedian’s obscenity trial, Ralph Gleason reads an excerpt from one of Nat’s articles about Lenny.

Appreciating Jazz

During the Jazz Festival last year, a secret society formed here at WXXI. In order to join, you had to be a little bit sick of hearing about the Jazz Festival. It was a small group, to be sure, and I cannot reveal the participants. I think they bonded in part because they felt left out of the daily who-did-you-see-last-night-and-who-are-you-seeing-tonight conversations.

Lucky 7

The seventh edition of the Rochester International Jazz Festival starts a week from today. If you’re going, you’ve probably already started mapping out your plan for the week. There's no need to restrict yourself to just one show each night, but here are my picks for the don't-miss events...along with some words to consider from Holden Caulfield.