Ryan Bingham


Fans: 65,000. Bands: 130. Stages: 8. Days: 3.

A game plan about who to see: priceless.

If you really want to, you can get right up front for any band at the
Austin City Limits Music Festival. You just have to show up early enough, sometimes before the preceding act. Just try not to think about who you’re missing.


Don't Tell My Friends

Known for its great Mexican restaurants and Texas bar-b-ques, Austin also is home to one Disney-like New York Deli. Time and convenience finds me eating a turkey club on rye, deli style. I can’t confess this to anyone.The Leg ManThe Leg Man

(Great connoisseurs of eclectic music also appreciate fine local cuisine. The large bar-b-qued turkey leg, for instance. Rochester's own Richard Storm is such a man.)

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