1370 Connecton: The Economic Health of Western NY

Dr.Richard Dietz, regional economist for the Federal Reserve, comments on what the latest numbers tell us about our economy's health in Western New York and the Great Lakes. Click here.

1370 Connection: The NYS Budget Gap

Citizens' Budget Commission senior researcher Elizabeth Lynam examines the state's budget gap and what it will take to bridge it. Click here.

1370 Connection: Business Growth Strategies

Jeff Hayzlett, nationally published author about to step down as Kodak's chief marketing officer, shares his views on how American business can recapture its energy and grow again. Click here.

1370 Connection: Rochester City Budget

Rochester City Council Finance Committee chair Carolee Conklin takes an analytical look at the proposed city budget. Click here. Click here.

1370 Connection: Personal Finance

Managing your money; MCC professor Joe Marchese answers your questions. Click here.

1370 Connection: Hopes for Downtown Rochester

Rochester Downtown Development Corporation President Heidi Zimmer-Meyer on what downtown workers and residents want and expect, and how to bring new retail, residential and service activity to the city center. Click here.

1370 Connection: TARP Impact on Homeowners

Did the banks that got TARP money help struggling homeowners, or take the money and run? A new national report co-authored by Barbara Van Kerkhove and Ruhi Maker of Rochester's Empire Justice Center provides an answer.

1370 Connection: Disney Executive Talks Business

Lee Cockerell, senior executive at Disney World and keynoter for the Rochester Business Alliance Small Business Council. Click here.

1370 Connection: Launching a Business in Tough Times

The issues of launching a business in challenging times; Leo Hendry, leader of the founding team at the YES Network, and Ron Hira of RIT. Click here.

1370 Connection: A Survey of the Business Climate

Business Week's Mike Mandell provides a survey of the business climate today . Click here.