1370 Connection: Consumer Debt

A look at the drive to reform consumer credit, as well as the campaign to help people relieve their own personal debt burdens. The guests are MCC President Dr. Ann Kress and Damon City Campus Dean Pete Oter; then, best-selling author and RIT faculty member Robert Manning. click here

1370 Connection: The State of the Economy

MCC economist Kathy Bromley discusses the state of the economy today. click here.

1370 Connection: Revenue Struggles of State Government

Robert Ward of the Rockefeller Institute of Government at SUNY Albany analyzes the revenue struggles of state government. Click here.

1370 Connection: Personal Finance

MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese talkins about persopnal money management. Click here.

1370 Connection: A Survival Plan for Arts Organizations

Kennedy Center executive director Michael Kaiser discusses how arts organizations can survive hard times. Click here.

1370 Connection: Personal Investing in 2009

The year in review in investing, with MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese. Click here.

1370 Connection: Today's Financial System

George Hamlin, Canandaigua National Bank CEO and former member of the New York Federal Reserve Bank board, analyzes the structure of the financial system today, and Congress' latest efforts at renewed regulation. Click here.

1370 Connection: Re-Structuring Government

Bill Johnson, RIT Distinugished Professor of Public Policy and former mayor of Rochester, talks about the value of re-structuring government. Click here.

1370 Connection: Implications of Latest Unemployment Figures

MCC Economist Kathy Bronley discusses the latest unemployment numbers and whether it's time for another stimulus program. Click here.

1370 Connection: The Discount Culture in America

Atlantic Monthly contributing editor Ellen Ruppel Shell talks abou the discount culture in America, and why it may NOT be a bargain. click here