1370 Connection: The Emerging Economy

University of Massachusetts professor William Lazonick discusses the emerging economy. click here

1370 Connection: Personal Investment

MCC Business Professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese answers investment questions. Listen

1370 Connection: Business Council of NYS' Agenda

Business Council of NY President Kenneth Adams discusses the business community's agenda. Listen

1370 Connection: State Comptroller Provides Updates of State's Fiscal Picture

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli discusses the latest on New York State's financnial status. Listen

1370 Connection: Business Message to State Lawmakers

Upstate business advocate Brian Sampson talks about what members of the business community are telling state lawmakers. Listen


1370 Connection:

Federal Reserve regional economist Richard Dietz talks about the status of the national recession.

1370 Connection: Personal Finance

MCC personal finance expert Joe Marchese answers investment questions.

1370 Connection: Overcoming the Recession

MCC Economist Kathy Bromley talks about the recession: who's responsible and is there a lasting fix?

1370 Connection: Bankruptcy in Hard Times

Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge John Ninfo discusses how hard economic times are causing more people to file for bankrupty--and how to avoid it.

1370 Connection: Public Policy and Private Innovation

Analysts Mark Blaxill and Ralph Eckardt talk about the ways public policy affects private innovation.