1370 Connection: Impact of Shrinking Tax Revenues on State Government

Robert Ward of SUNY Albany's Rockefeller Institute of Government discusses the impact of shrunken tax revenues on state government.

1370 Connection: US/China Trade

Members of a congressionally appointed special commission on US/China trade share lessons learned in recent hearings in Rochester.

1370 Connecton: Personal Finance

MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese answers questions on money management.

1370 Connection: How Close to Recovery?

MCC Economist Kathy Bromley examines how close we are to an economic recovery.

1370 Connection: The Future of Renaissance Square

Rochester City Council's Economic Development Chairman Dana Miller discusses the future of the Renaissance Square project.

1370 Connection: What New Yorkers Are Most Worried About

Cornell University sociologist Robin Blakely discusses a report on what money matters are of most concern to New Yorkers.

1370 Connection:

Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute discusses why we're not yet out of the economic woods.

1370 Connection: Strength of Rochester's Economy

Howard Wial of the Brookings Institution discusses a report showing the Rochester metro area with an economy stronger than most markets across the US.

1370 Connection: Personal Finance

Joe Marchese, Professor of Economics and Finance at Monroe Community College, talks about personal money management.

1370 Connection: Future of Hickey-Freeman

Greg Leskowski of the UNITE/Rochester Regional Joint Board, and members of the Hickey Freeman workforce, discuss the company's, and manufacturing's, future in Rochester.