Need to Know: Economy Takes its Toll on Mental Health

(March 13, 2009) As the economy declines, mental health providers are reporting a significant increase in demand for outpatient services.  This edition of Need to Know features Dr. Eric Caine, Chair of the Psychiatry Department at University of Rochester Medical Center.

Need to Know: Stimulus Money Working in Rochester

(March 20, 2009) Local firms have contracts in hand and are starting work on projects funded by the federal economic stimulus plan. This edition of Need to Know features an interview with Bob Healy, Sr. Vice President of LaBella Associates.

David Cay Johnston's "How Did We Get Here?"

In this four-part economic history series, Pulitzer prize winning journalist and best-selling author David Cay Johnston traces modern day economic principles to their humble beginnings - thousands of years ago.  

New York State Budget Watch

WXXI's Center for Public Affairs is opening up the New York State budget proposal issued by Governor David Paterson to examine the many ways it could impact the Rochester community.

1370 Connection: Impact of High Property Taxes

(February 2, 2009)  Economist Gerald Prante of the Tax Institute on the impact of high property taxes, and the Rochester region's relative burden.  Click here to listen.

1370 Connection: Impact of Financial Failure on Public & Private Sectors

(February 2, 2009)  The University of Rochester's Thomas Jackson and Cliff Smith preview the issues to be raised at an upcoming community forum.  Click here to listen.

NYS Budget Feature: Taxes, Fines and Fees

(February 4, 2009) Governor David Paterson's budget proposal includes a long list of new or expanded taxes, fines and fees.  WXXI's Julie Philipp details some of them.

NYS Budget Feature: Seneca Park Zoo

(February 4, 2009)  State lawmakers are considering cutting funding for zoos, including Rochester's Seneca Park Zoo.  WXXI's Bud Lowell reports.

NYS Budget Feature: The STAR Program

(February 4, 2009)  Governor David Paterson's budget proposal for next year includes changes to the popular STAR program.  WXXI's Rachel Ward explains.

Need to Know: Dennis Mullen

(January 30, 2009)  Upstate president of the Empire State Economic Development Corporation Dennis Mullen discusses the region's economy, and efforts to turn things around.  Watch the Need to Know segment here.