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  • Hello World   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Loved that one!! I was never able to get anything but weird noises out of the old shortwave radio that my parents had. This composition made it all musical. So cool.... what wonderful textures and sheets of sound.....

  • Say something   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Thank you for the feedback. That was wild, wasn't it? When McFerrin was panting at the end I wondered if that was part of the score or genuine exhaustion or both.

    It's great to enjoy music with you everyday. We'll strive to make it interesting.

    With warmest wishes,

    Brenda Tremblay

  • Say something   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Thank you for playing such an exceptionally refreshing expression of the human voice as instrument.
    More of the best of this kind of "new" or contemporary music, of beautiful sound and melody being created as we talk.

    Thank you !

  • Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Yes - The program will re-air on our World Channel on Friday, March 30th at 9am, 3pm, and 8pm. It will also air on Saturday the 31st at 1am. World is DT 21.2 and Time Warner Digital Cable 524. Enjoy!

    ~Irene Fink
    WXXI TV Program Director

  • Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100   6 years 12 weeks ago

    Will the Fenway Park show air again and when.

  • Publick Musick   6 years 13 weeks ago

    Wonderful! Incredible music authored by a woman at that time.
    And incredible peerformance.
    Congratulations to my dear friend Bol Gidhome. You're such an artist and an inspiration!

  • RPO Marimba Band   6 years 13 weeks ago

    Congratulations to Mona on your maiden voyage as host of this live concert series. You did a great job. The concert was great. The audience was great. The day was spectacular.

  • Sunday Session with Ruth Elaine   6 years 14 weeks ago

    Ruth changed my life. Me and Jason can not get enough. Jason loves her between song banter.

  • With Heart and Voice   6 years 14 weeks ago

    These fairly negative comments are dated a couple of years ago, so I have no clue as to whether the WH&V broadcast is to be shut down.
    I hope NOT!

    So far I've successfully listened each Sunday a.m. It's my 'church', actually!
    Thanks for giving the broadcasts the station finding system. If I miss the 6 a.m., I can find a 7 a.m., etc.

    One more thing: I'd love it if you'd podcast these programs.

    Richard Gladwell was wonderful, but Peter DuBois (sp?) is just fine as a successor. I'm in his fan club, and he uses the music from Mr. Gladwell's collection.

    Because of this program--and only because of it--I donate to WXXI, even tho' it's not in my state.

    Thanks for the good work and please don't terminate.


  • The Mystery of Chaco Canyon   6 years 14 weeks ago

    Incredibly mysterious piece of history unknown to most of us. It was just on at Public Station in the Austin/San Antonio, TX area, KLRU at 2 freakin AM. Has this not been on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel or National Geographic? Makes you wonder what else you don't know about the history of world around us.

    Check out another, more recent, piece of American history that's missing from our history books at the site in the 'submitted by' line or

  • 60's Pop, Rock & Soul: My Music   6 years 14 weeks ago

    Darn - I missed it. Do you know when it will air again? I live in Toronto. Thanks.

  • NOVA "Dogs Decoded" on WXXI-TV   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I am a senior in high school and I have a final project in which I am looking at the history and the development of dog domestication. This new silver fox experiment has been very helpful so I can get an insight into the process that may have happened so long ago, when the dogs and early humans first started bonding.

  • Great Performances Presents Tony Bennett: Duets II   6 years 14 weeks ago

    We do not have it in the schedule again at this time, however, you can watch clips and interviews on the PBS website at

    Thanks for tuning in!

  • 60's Pop, Rock & Soul: My Music   6 years 14 weeks ago

    The show was taped in Pittsburgh at the historic Benedum Theatre.

    We're so glad you enjoyed the program!

  • Maria Tallchief   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I wasn't able to find a way to view the entire documentary online, however, there is a preview and additional information on the Native American Public Telecommunications website (http://www.nativetel...) as well as the Upstream Productions website (http://upstreamvideo...). There you will also find information on the DVD.

    I hope this helps!

  • 60's Pop, Rock & Soul: My Music   6 years 14 weeks ago

    This program was aired in Ontario Sunday night and was awesome! LOVED it!
    Can you tell me where the actual event took place?

  • Oscar Hammerstein II – Out of My Dreams   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I am currently in Sarasota, Florida, and saw this program. The station is offering 6 DVDs of six of the shows for $125,
    a wonderful offer. I am interested. Please respond.6

  • Maria Tallchief   6 years 14 weeks ago

    is there a way to see this video online?

  • INDEPENDENT LENS: Hell and Back Again   6 years 14 weeks ago

    i hope that there will be at least one person from afghanistan on the panel. the war in afghanistan is an incredibly important subject and i hope that people will get a more comprehensive understanding of its reality.

  • Broadway Divas Showcased with Diane Chevron   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Thank you for your kind comment, Kenneth. Diane was a wonderful guest. Make sure to listen to this week's "Stage Notes" (3/17/12) for part two of my interview with Diane Chevron.

    Have a great week,

    Robert Hammond

  • Shipping Out: The Story of America's Seafaring Women   6 years 15 weeks ago

    One of my aunts was a navigator on a US cruiser during WWII and an astronomer at a major university. She nurtured an entire generation into the sciences and medicine. Of her 16 nieces and nephews 7 had post graduate degrees and 8 of the remaining slouchers had at least a bachelors.

  • Broadway Divas Showcased with Diane Chevron   6 years 15 weeks ago

    What a terrific show! Great Broadway musical selections and wonderful commentary and reflections on life in the theater by Diane Chevron! Thanks for this production of STAGE NOTES!
    Kenneth Graham

  • Great Performances Presents Tony Bennett: Duets II   6 years 15 weeks ago

    I was wondering if and when the Duets Ii will be shown again? I caught the tail end of it and would really love to view it. I am with Time Warner Rochester NY.
    Please let me know.

  • Doc Martin, Season 5   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Ever since my 89 year-old dad got me addicted to Doc Martin, I've been counting the days until we see what happens after the birth of Doc's and Louisa's baby. Now I can't wait until next Thursday evening.

    Thanks so much for carrying this marvelously quirky English delight.

  • La ci darem la mano - Variations on Sinatra and Mozart   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Dear Alan,

    Thank you for the kind welcome and for saying hi here online! I hope that we get to say hello in person if you make it to any station events. And definitely leave comments on any of the posts that catch your interest!:)

    All the best,