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  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1208   6 years 15 weeks ago

    We no longer receive With Heart and Voice in our area. May I listen to archives?

  • Broadway Divas Showcased with Diane Chevron   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Love her work - on and off the stage!

  • Women, War & Peace   6 years 15 weeks ago

    I am wondering why these courageous ladies are not in the media?
    Had I not stumbled upon the web site I would never have been exposed
    To the wonderful work being done. Our information flow is off!
    I am tired of the drivel, give some encouragement and real news!
    Thank you

  • La ci darem la mano - Variations on Sinatra and Mozart   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Dear Mona

    I must admit I was very disappointed when Chris Van Hoff left to seek higher education. Fret not, it was love at first sound both your voice and your selections played. I mostly listen during my home commute. Anyways....welcome wxxi radio land, keep up the great work.

    fondly Alan

  • Second Opinion: Sugar   6 years 15 weeks ago

    While I greatly appreciated the two consensus panel recommendations of whole foods over processed foods to reduce sugar consumption, and changing eating habits as a family rather than as an individual (child), I was disappointed that there wasn't more discussion about the elephant in the room. Specifically, while school lunches have made recent nutritional strides, there is a long way to go. One of the ultimate teachable moments in school is the nutrition value of the meal they serve their students.

    If the female panelist's recommendation of the parents "steering the ship" is followed, but that ship gets run aground by a sugar laden (and/or fat laden) school lunch, all is lost. I would like to know what the panelists might be doing to influence the schools in their communities, and also what advice they may have for parents who are dissatisfied with the lunch served by their school district.

  • Buffalo’s Voices of Steel on WXXI-TV   6 years 15 weeks ago

    Unfortunately we do not have this DVD available, however, the film was produced in Buffalo by WNED and they may be able to help you. You can contact them at:

    Horizons Plaza
    P.O. Box 1263
    Buffalo, New York 14240-1263

    Phone: 716-845-7000

    You can also learn more about this documentary on their website at

    I hope this helps.

    Best Wishes!

  • Join host Alec Baldwin for the New York Philharmonic in February 2012   6 years 16 weeks ago

    I'm not sure exactly to what you are referring - whether you heard a promo for the Berlioz work or not. But I can tell you that you can hear the work Tuesday evening 2/28 at 8:00 p.m. on the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra program. Here are the listings for that show (which is directly from our website at http://interactive.w... )

    2/28 Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture, Les Nuits d’été, Harold in Italy (Sasha Cooke, ms; Jonathan Vinocour, vla; Michael Tilson Thomas, cond)

    The work will be heard again on Thursday evening, 3/1 at 8:00 p.m. on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra program with conductor Sir Mark Elder.

    3/1 Berlioz: Le Corsaire Overture, Queen Mab Scherzo; Romeo at the Tomb of the Capulets from Romeo and Juliet, Harold in Italy, Nuits d'été (Lawrence Power, vla; Susan Graham, ms; Sir Mark Elder and Pierre Boulez, cond)

    I hope this helps you in your listening.

    Ruth Phinney
    WXXI-FM 91.5 Program Director

  • Join host Alec Baldwin for the New York Philharmonic in February 2012   6 years 16 weeks ago

    Week-after-week you fail to inform your audience about the program you are broadcasting.
    For today 2/26/2012, no where can I find Les nuits d'été


  • Buffalo’s Voices of Steel on WXXI-TV   6 years 16 weeks ago

    May I purchase a copy of the film? My father is in the film and would love to show it to my children.

  • The Best of Ask This Old House on WXXI-TV   6 years 17 weeks ago

    We're so glad you enjoy Ask This Old House!

    If you have any questions regarding home repair or want to pose questions to the experts please visit the official website at

  • Martin Luther King and Civil Rights; Unsung Heroes In The Courts   6 years 17 weeks ago

    However, if you're still interested, let us know by using the "Contact Us" link at the top right of any page and send your request under the category of "Website Feedback"... With a little bit of time to get the episode from our archives, we should be able to get the audio of it on the podcast feed for you. -- the WXXI Interactive Services Team.

  • American Masters "The Doors:When You’re Strange"   6 years 17 weeks ago

    We're glad you enjoyed the program!

    The DVD is available to buy from the PBS website at


  • WXXI Celebrates Dr. Seuss's birthday with Cat in the Hat   6 years 17 weeks ago

    My son is excited; Cat in the hat is his favorite show. He has all of his books too and on cd book read-along.

  • The Best of Ask This Old House on WXXI-TV   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi, I got a beutiful old house in west milwaukee. It needs a lot reparations to do; but the most important thing to me it is find a good windows company and gabinets information. Can you recomend me a wonderful companies in wisconsin and give me some advises about to renue bathrooms. Thank so much. I really appreciate it.

  • Martin Luther King and Civil Rights; Unsung Heroes In The Courts   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Is there a script, tape or podcast available for this interview?

  • Answer Your Antiques Questions   6 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi, I have a collection of cups and saucers (small - toy, and dematasse sized) and would like to get it appraised. Can you make suggestions of where to go or who to contact?

    Thanks for your help.
    Rhonda Hudgins

  • Runner's high   6 years 18 weeks ago

    . . . are very good for hibernating frogs burrowed in the mud. The Red H's have more of a definite groove. And a nice, relaxed penguin pace, too. Thanks!

  • Vine Talk on WXXI-TV   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Karen,

    We're glad you are enjoying watching Vine Talk on WXXI! If you would like to learn more about the show or contact the producers you can visit their website at http://www.vinetalk....

    Thanks for tuning in!

  • Runner's high   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I haven't been working out with music recently, but I used to have an mp3 player on shuffle while I'd use the elliptical machine. Strange things would always be coming up (note: while there may be some good classical music workout options, Webern String Quartets are not on that list!). Consider it:

    One of my favorite songs that would come up is "Venice Queen" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    It's a long song, with several different sections. The length of the song, and the variety, made the time go by more quickly (I think a lot of short songs make the workout seem longer!). I wonder if that would apply to some longer-form classical works too? Research must be done!

  • Slavery by Another Name   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Wow! I guess it is never too late to learn something new.

    I just watched Slavery by Another Name, and I was surprised and enlightened to learn about this chapter of American History. I came to the US in 1973 from Guyana South America, and began my school years in 6th grade learning 'US History' as it was being taught; about Slavery and later about the Civil Rights Movement. These are the periods of history that the history books addressed, however, it is a show like Slavery by Another name that shed light on a period not talked about but explains so much. Tonight I learned a new phrase - Convict Leasing. This unjust practice brings to light the horrors of oppression that continued for many years as America built this country on the backs of 'so called' freed slaves. No wonder there is still this aura of distrust between the races; the idea that not much is expected from Black people, that we are bad behaved, criminal types and that we really are not capable of doing more than manual labor. Seeing this show tonight explained a great deal to me, as to why Blacks remain in dire situations they live in and how the impact will continue to be felt for generations to come. It is evident even in the highest position in this nation, and the free world, POTUS, that our President continues to be judged not on his abilities and qualifications, but with the underlying doubt that he is just not capable of doing the job.

    Thank you for having the courage and decency for showing and sharing real stories of America. It is my hope that lessons will be learned from errors of the past. AMerica will survive and thrive when all people are free to soar and achieve what they are entitled. This wasa graeat documentary!

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1206   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Thank you for a magnificent hour! I stopped and parked to enjoy it on my journey from church.

  • Time Warner Cable Blocking OTA Digital Channels   6 years 18 weeks ago

    While I sympathize with the budget dilemma, two facts stand out: 1. The person complaining has a HDTV. They are not inexpensive. 2. With the install cost for cable costing something like 1500+ per home, it will be 20 years before the cable company can make that up.

  • OnStage "The Prickers & Po' Boys Brass Band" on WXXI-TV   6 years 18 weeks ago

    The Prickers performance was my introduction to WXXI On Stage. Loved it, and will definitely look for more local programming like this!!! The Prickers offer a unique blend of blue grass talent, and their Naples flavor comes through loud and strong. Loved seeing so many Neopolitans enjoying the show live!! Thanks, WXXI!!!

  • American Masters "The Doors:When You’re Strange"   6 years 18 weeks ago

    Does anyone know how/where I could purchase a DVD of this film?

  • Runner's high   6 years 18 weeks ago

    I love that it's NINE MINUTES long & he's singing of water!