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  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   1 year 51 weeks ago

    I generally think of kids' music as something used to torture parents. Billy Kelly's videos are fun, loving, and not annoyingly smarmy. Thanks for a positive contribution to the field of kid vid.

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1239   1 year 51 weeks ago

    You played a beautiful portion of Salve Regina today and I was not able to remember the composer or recording so that I can locate this to purchase. Could you be so kind as to send me a list of the music that you played today?

    Thank you,

    Richard Arthur

  • Mornings, September 17 - 21   1 year 51 weeks ago

    How can I hear WXXI-FM’s Brenda Tremblay hosts a summit meeting of two of America’s great masters in the performing arts, Garth Fagan played on 9/21?

  • "Broadway Or Bust" Meets "Bring It On"   1 year 51 weeks ago

    While the show has some entertaining moments, it's not at all accurate to claim that these kids are the "best of the best". The vast majority of high schools in the US do not participate in the Jimmy Award program and the overwhelming number of the young people admitted to top Musical Theatre college programs haven't had experience with the system either. Take the show for what it is, but remember to get tickets for HS performances in your local area and support the great kids, faculty members and parents who work hard to put on a great show!

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years   1 year 51 weeks ago

    In 1981 I was a senior at RIT studying Mechanical Engineering. I took an elective course titled "The Art of American Architecture". Every week the professor gave us a list of Rochester homes that highlighted styles of architecture. We had to drive by and use file cards to answer questions at each address. We handed the cards in on Monday. One Saturday, my classmate and I drove up to the Boynton house. We got out and looked from the street. A man was mowing the lawn. He stopped and asked us if we were from RIT. We said yes and asked if we could ask him questions. He was happy to talk to us and asked us if we wanted to see the interior. We were shocked and thrilled at the same time. I will never forget that day. Since then, my wife and I have toured the Martin House in Buffalo, Falling Water and Kentucky Knob in the Pittsburg area, and the Pope-Leighy House in Alexandria, VA. We just watched the WXXI special tonight and are so happy this house has been restored to it's original beauty and wish the owners many years of joy there. Thank you for this gift.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years   1 year 51 weeks ago

    Can't wait to see this. Have been taking exterior pictures throughout the process, with several taken years before. My late father who was a structural engineer told me that in a restoration attempt many years ago that a portion of a wall caught fire due to some carelessness.

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   1 year 52 weeks ago

    and I love these spots! Great job Billy Kelly!

  • William and Mary SEASON 2   1 year 52 weeks ago

    We played the entire series twice through. Sadly there are only 18 episodes in total. The series original run in the U.K. spanned 2003-2005. If they ever do decide to make more episodes, perhaps catching us up to what their lives are like now that the kids are all grown we would look into carrying the new season. (I have not heard of any plans to revisit the series in that fashion.) We may bring back the 18 episodes again in another time slot, but for now the series is resting.

    ~Irene Fink
    WXXI TV Program Director

  • William and Mary SEASON 2   2 years 4 hours ago

    I am having withdrawals! LOL I want more! What happened to this show? Was the last show the final one for the season? When will it return?

  • Many people with vision loss have been audio engineers -- we'll talk to one on this week's program. #1237   2 years 10 hours ago


    We had a bit of a delay in getting the podcast to which you refer uploaded. So sorry. Here's the link to the ViewPoints podcast page. http://feeds.feedbur...
    The AER show is the second one in the list. There will be two more shows coming up in the next few weeks, so I hope you'll keep checking back to the podcast page to hear these and lots more great shows about accessible technology.

    Ruth Phinney
    Program Director, WXXI Reachout Radio

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   2 years 11 hours ago

    my kids loved the videos. They kept asking me to play them over and over.

    what a great idea!

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   2 years 14 hours ago

    This is good clean fun for the kids. I'm so glad to be able to offer my children this type of learning experience. It is fun and positive. They love to dance around to the music and be the first to guess correctly.

  • Many people with vision loss have been audio engineers -- we'll talk to one on this week's program. #1237   2 years 1 day ago

    I was interested in listening to your Viewpoints show regarding devices you saw at AER. However, when I went to the site I was not able to find a link to view programs from your archives. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. - Rob

  • The WXXI DTV Webster area "Dead Zone"   2 years 2 days ago

    It's weird, 3 years later and Webster still isn't getting WXXI from my house. I thought it might just be the antenna but I just installed a nice antenna on my roof. Everything else comes in great, except WXXI which doesn't even show up on the meter.

  • September 2012 listings for the New York Philharmonic   2 years 2 days ago

    I feel compelled to write that this concert was as much a high-water mark so far in Mr. Gilbert's tenure. An unjustly neglected American work, the Barber Essay No. 1, followed by a world premiere of shattering intensity set to four poems of equal inspiration, concluding with a searing performance of Dvorak's greatest symphony. Regarding the symphony, one got the impression from the slight hesitation of the first movement's main motive (as well as that of the third movement), that this would be a memorable performance. It turned out to be my favorite performance of the work. The solos in the second movement were meltingly beautiful; and the articulation in the 12 bars of the divided 'cellos at "poco meno mosso" was such that I heard the separate lines for the first time. The final movement, though not written in the score, could have been "allegro con fuoco", because that was how it was played. The antiphonal violin seating plan, long my favorite one, allowed the principal motives to register dramatically in the last movement; and the horns doubling the oboes, clarinets, bassoons and second violins in the last 10 bars added the capstone to a magnificent edifice. My score doesn't have the horn doubling, but in the Monteux/ London Symphony recording and Szell/Cleveland Orchestra recording, that edition is also, happily, used. It seems Mr. Gilbert has a special affinity for Dvorak (as well as Nielsen) and here's hoping for complete recordings of the Dvorak symphonies as well as those planned for the Nielsen symphonies.

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   2 years 4 days ago

    I just want to say how much my son (2&1/2 years old) looks forward to seeing Billy's segments on your station! We pretty much only watch WXXI. His segments are awesome, show such creativity and imagination, with great music as a bonus! Thanks for bringing Billy into our daily lives!!!!

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   2 years 5 days ago

    My daughter guessed all, but bunny. Can he do octopus?

  • GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET: Wagner's Ring Cycle "Die Walküre"   2 years 6 days ago

    I cannot believe that WXXI is wasting so much time on this stupid opera. If people want to watch it they should be forced to stay up late--after all, people like me who are interested in shows like Globe Trekker or POV have to!13

  • I’m Thinking of an Animal with Billy Kelly   2 years 6 days ago

    These look super fun. We watched with our kids, and they wanted to see ALL of them. Something that is particularly neat is the detail in the background that gave even our older son something he enjoyed looking for (the 'answer' animal shows up in a cloud passing by the window, for example). This would definitely keep us tuned in to the space between shows.

  • Free Screening of the New HBO Documentary "The Weight of the Nation"   2 years 1 week ago

    The film is not closed-captioned, but we'll have an interpreter there. We hope to see you there.

  • MASTERPIECE: MYSTERY! "Inspector Lewis, Series V: Generation of Vipers"   2 years 1 week ago

    I missed this season's episodes that aired in July. Will WXXI be airing them again in the future?

  • Free Screening of the New HBO Documentary "The Weight of the Nation"   2 years 1 week ago

    Will this screening be closed captioned? Please include this information when you are doing public screenings it can be very helpful to families that have Deaf or hard of hearing members.

  • Gibbs & Main   2 years 1 week ago

    Just wondering where Diego went and who is playing the cello these days. Looking forward to your CD release on Sept. 21st.

  • Program Listings - September 2012   2 years 1 week ago

    We are sorry you're having trouble printing the guide this month. As you can see this guide is different from the ones in the past. We've increased the number of pages to bring you more information. We’re having trouble posting a clean pdf of the new guide because it was created as two files-- one file for the 4-color section, and one for black and white printed listings and merged together at the printers. We are working out the bugs and promise that the October guide will be just like the old PDF you're used to.

    For the September guide, we'd be happy to mail you the printed version. Please call our membership department at 585-258-0200 to request this. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • A 4'33" Story - John Cage at 100   2 years 1 week ago

    I was unfamiliar with this piece until I heard about it yesterday on NPR. I loved the whole idea, but reading about your experience actually performing it - WOW!. Thanks so much for sharing that - it will stay with me a long time!