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  • Democratic National Convention Coverage   5 years 33 weeks ago

    I turned to WXXI because I wanted to to see the Democratic Nat'l Convention as it unfolded. I wanted to avoid the we're-not-going-to-let-you-come-to-your-own-conclusions condensed versions that ABC, CBS and NBC put out.

    But after the past two days of coverage, I'm finding WXXI is no better than the networks.

    I am disappointed that WXXI is drowning out the convention speakers and forcing us to listen to the inane commentary from the NewsHour folks in the SkyBox yakking with each other and their guests (What do you think is the cause of ...? Do you think it's true that ...?). I do not want a convention speaker's words post-digested for me either. I'm not tuning in to hear these SkyBox people. I'm tuning in to hear the convention speakers and see the crowd's reaction.

    It is frustrating to hear, again and again, a convention speaker in the background, but not be able to hear the words because the NewsHour folks want some talking head to say what he thinks is the most important law Obama has passed. His answer was no more meaningful than mine would be.

    I want to know what is exciting our delegates. I want to feel I am on the floor with them. I want to hear what they are hearing. If they're listening to the people in the SkyBox, then I want to hear the people in the SkyBox.

    But the delegates are not listening to the people in the SkyBox.

    I'm guessing it's too late to fix this for this convention. Please, please fix this for the 2016 conventions.

    Let your viewers think for themselves. Let them experience the convention unfettered by commentary. Please?

  • Program Listings - September 2012   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Is there a secret to getting the page size of the new program guide reduced so it will fit on a single page. Only the vertical pages print in full. The booklet pages print but material on the right and left hand edges is omitted. Please let me know. I like to keep a printed guide by the TV. If there is no was to print a full guide, I'd like to ask you to send me a printed one this month. I'm hoping you can tell me how to print out the new format so I can include all the material on each page. Thanks. Elizabeth Webb

  • The Fracking Rules-Coming At Last?   5 years 33 weeks ago

    We expect rules to be promulgated in the next 4 to 8 weeks. We will provide follow-up discussion on the topic as news warrants.

  • Fascinatin' Rhythm Program 1235   5 years 33 weeks ago

    Hello! Anyone know the name of the song sung by a young female that goes
    "hum hum, hum hum?" sounded kinda 50's/60's maybe, kinda doo wop-y compared to the other more 20's/30's songs on the program, came a few songs after supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..? thanks!

  • Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents Gabe Condon   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Gabe actually performs quite frequently in Rochester, so for those that missed this: check out http://www.gabecondo...

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1234   5 years 34 weeks ago

    You can find playlists for With Heart and Voice on the program website. Here's a direct link:
    Thanks for listening!

  • August 2012 listings for the New York Philharmonic   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Our apologies for differences in program listings and broadcast. The New York Philharmonic distributors have been sending almost weekly program changes - moving around several week's programs. Unfortunately, this has caused some discrepancies with promos and programs getting updated correctly through the PRSS distribution channels. We're left trying to figure out the changes and catch their mistakes. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

    Ruth Phinney
    WXXI-FM Program Director

  • August 2012 listings for the New York Philharmonic   5 years 34 weeks ago

    Am I in a time warp? Bronfman was promosted for 8/19/12. Shouldn't that be corrected?

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1234   5 years 34 weeks ago

    I would love to get the play list for last week - August 19th show. Where might that be avaiable?
    Love this show - we listen on West VA public radio

  • History of Science   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Unfortunately the programs are not available to watch on-line. We have played all 6 episodes, and will play them again some day. They are not scheduled to be repeated quite yet. Thank you for your interest. Please keep an eye on our website for replays in the coming year.

    ~Irene Fink
    WXXI TV Program Director

  • Your Memories of Midtown   5 years 35 weeks ago

    my memories of midtown plaza are of good ones, I remeber going there with my grandmother as a child for christmas shopping and going on the momarail at christmas time. i always loved those memories. later in yearswhen I pased through downtown for my job, in the aftenoon i would meet with friends there to vist with them while waiting for the bus ride home, there was always places to go for coffee and or food while the wait. what a great loss it is that a land mark si now gone

  • History of Science   5 years 35 weeks ago

    LIke to watch episodes please?

  • New Season of Doctor Who   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Yes - We are airing Season 6. This season was not available to us until this month. We anticipate Season 7 being offered to us for use at the earliest this coming Spring. The BBC licenses the show to Public television stations on a delayed basis, for a hefty fee. Wish I had better news to share...

    ~Irene Fink
    TV Program Director

  • Week of August 20 - 24, 2012   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Bob.....please less fauning over and pandering to the concept of identity-politics. It's a re-occuring theme in many broadcasts. Thank you.

  • New Season of Doctor Who   5 years 35 weeks ago

    Are you airing Season 6 at 11pm? Because BBC America has been advertising the new season 7 coming in the fall. We have already rented and watched up through Season 6. We were considering cancelling cable though in the hopes that we could plan on WXXI airing the current Dr Who episodes . Do you know when you would get the rights for that season? thanks!!

  • Live Taping of WXXI's "OnStage"   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Per your comment to Tivoli Skye: Our band call for the series has ended, but we hope to continue the series after season three. And, if we do, we will host another band call... around August/September 2012. Have you started the search for your new bands?

    thank you,


  • Engineering in the Ancient World   5 years 36 weeks ago

    It was so refreshing to have David K Johnston substitute for Bob Smith. I often have to check what station I am listening to when Bob is on. David had interesting guests and steared stimulating discusions. Unfortunately, I often find myself turning the radio off when Bob and his guests begin their "rants". A great example was Monday 8-13 at noon. Please pass my thanks and appreciation on to David.
    A long time listener.

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1233   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi Ted, you're correct. This program was originally broadcast in June 2011. I'm glad you got to hear it again. Thanks for listening to With Heart and Voice.

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1233   5 years 36 weeks ago

    Is this a repeat of your previous program interviewing John Scott? It sounded familiar. Great show, though!

  • Second Opinion: Cardiac Spouses   5 years 36 weeks ago

    My husband had a major heart attack at age 59 (1982). We were both employed; three daughters on their own. Now, some 28 years later, I think how we adjusted to that fact. Changes for sure: he could not return to work for six months (he was a design mechanical engineer) at the cardiologist's instructions: go in late; long lunch; come home early......not quite what happened but he was part of a large group who accepted an early balloon retirement (all but he 'volunteered' - he accepted the suggestion that he retire).
    Four grandchildren were born during the next years and vacation times spent together means they all remember him fondly. His activities were limited but he could still engage with them. Later we spent three months in FL to keep him warm and able to walk. He continued his volunteer work for a bit till driving became a bit much. A couple of years before he died (8/25/98) he went through five emergency surgeries (not heart related!) and those doctors were pleased at how 'textbook' they went! Dr Marvin Hoffman and then Dr Richard Abbott oversaw his care. How did I I look back I think 'very well, thank you'. Watched him like a hawk for awhile then relaxed - had him call my office every day.....he and my secretary became good friends comparing notes on the daily crossword puzzle and jumble. We took walks on Ontario Beach regularly (lived in Charlotte in a condo having sold our Pittsford Village home in '84). I ended up doing 97% of the driving. Life was good 'considering' - he danced at his two daughters' weddings. We just did not travel wide and far as we had planned....we enjoyed where we were and where our children lived.....MA, NJ and even GA for a short time. We were fortunate I guess....according to the doctors he should not have survived the heart attack....????

  • Pulitzer-winner David Cay Johnston to Host   5 years 37 weeks ago

    Congratulations to David Cay Johnston on a highly-successful week of hosting of 1370 Connection. (From one of your biggest fans.)

  • Pulitzer-winner David Cay Johnston to Host   5 years 37 weeks ago

    I've really enjoyed listening to David as host this week. I think he's done a great job.

  • Doc Martin, Season 5   5 years 37 weeks ago

    We LOVE this production. So many hilarious moments - so British! We should know!

  • Pulitzer-winner David Cay Johnston to Host   5 years 37 weeks ago

    Thank you for interviewing some very intelligent guests, who happen to be female, on Tuesday's show!

  • Copland Summer   5 years 37 weeks ago

    When I was a child, I took a liking to Tchaikovsky, via the Nutcracker Suite, and added to my favorites other composers of the Romantic period. Copeland gave me music that had the level of organization of a Romantic peace, also the theme that I found in tone poems, as well as a respectful use of American folk music. Those are the factors that made him a favorite of mine while in college and for years after.

    What has intrigued me in recent years is my ability now to hear an unidentified piece of music and identify correctly a Copeland piece. I attribute this to Copeland's preference for certain harmonies. "Those chords sound like Copeland," I say to myself. Not having had much formal musical training, I find that particularly interesting.