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  • Ownership   9 years 10 weeks ago

    It is a bit long-winded, but I've known En Saga for years from a recording, so rather than dozing off, I was very interested to hear how it would sound in person. It was great! I'd never heard the RPO sound like that - deep, dark, burnished, relaxed on the surface but with tension below, a natural and unforced unfolding of the drama and atmosphere in the music. I hope to hear Eri Klas conduct again. And I hope the orchestra keeps unearthing such unknown gems.

  • Bettye LaVette   9 years 10 weeks ago

    ... she conquered. A fine show. I do wish she didn't feel the need to trade on her age. She doesn't have to make any apologies or convince us of her worthiness. What she does right now is fine and sufficient to leave a crowd smiling and saying, "what a women!"

  • Have you seen the pics?   9 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comments- I couldn't agree more with your view on not encouraging the obsession with trends. It's great how your 6-year old being annoyed with her peers that only talk about Hannah Montana.
    Great tip for other parents too in that you don't encourage 1 particular theme and to expose your kids to a wide variety of music and TV.


  • Facestat photo   9 years 11 weeks ago

    It's better than "repulsive." ;)

  • Facestat photo   9 years 11 weeks ago

    You're beautiful...;)

  • Allyn Van Dusen   9 years 11 weeks ago

    She is just beautiful! Such a talent as well. Her voice is inspiring to me.

  • Have you seen the pics?   9 years 11 weeks ago

    I think following trends start at a young age and can be avoided if parents don't encourage it. I think it's the parents more than the kids who are at fault. A kid likes princesses so should the parent go out and buy every item of clothing and toys with princesses? My kids know of Hanna Montana and my 6-year old actually gets a little disgusted that a lot of the girls only talk about, and want to play, Hanna Montana. With us never encouraging one particular theme or program (and sticking with educational tv with no commercials) we have avoided the issue. We expose our children to a wide variety of music and tv that is educational and show them what is and what is not appropriate. Hopefully this will be enough as they get older. So far it has worked.

  • Secret Confessions from Skitty   9 years 11 weeks ago

    I really dig Gnarls Barkley.

  • Are you smart? trustworthy? sober?   9 years 11 weeks ago

    Yo-Yo Ma performed at Nazareth College in Smyth Hall when he was a very small boy before his Juilliard debut

  • Rochester Radio Chorus of the Air   9 years 11 weeks ago

    Have to get "Lovin' Arms" into the repertoire. Put it right next to "Wagon Wheel" and see how you voice holds up.

  • Secret Confessions from Skitty   9 years 11 weeks ago

    Am listening to them right now!

  • Yo-Yo, Robot   9 years 12 weeks ago

    and I keep thinking of the Terminator.

    "They look human - sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot."

  • Yo-Yo, Robot   9 years 12 weeks ago

    In seeing this I was reminded of this item from the Onion: Are We Giving The Robots That Run Our Society Too Much Power?

    Today: Maestro Asimo.
    Tomorrow: Emperor Asimo?

  • Rochester Radio Chorus of the Air   9 years 12 weeks ago

    Oh yeah, "Wagon Wheel" had me in its grips for a couple of weeks; fortunately it was winter so the windows were up and people were spared my singing along. Made my throat sore one day from doing it too loudly, too many times.

    Lately it's "Lovin' Arms" by the Wood Brothers. Again, a little above my vocal range but that's not stopping me....

  • Operatic interruptus   9 years 12 weeks ago

    As I was sitting in the movie theater, it occurred to me to jump up and announce that the opera was simultaneously airing on Classical 91.5 - on the radio. But I didn't for a couple of reasons, one being that visuals are so crucial to the experience. It's hard for me to listen opera on the radio, unless I'm familiar with the plot and characters already.

  • Operatic interruptus   9 years 12 weeks ago

    For anyone that was out in the storm on Saturday, suffice it to say that theater-goes can be happy that they were inside, and that "interruption" of the opera was the only thing that happened. The national weather service issued severe thunderstorm warnings with high winds and hail. As I was listening to the opera in my car I thought - I wonder if the folks in the theater have any idea what was expected to happen out here? I entered a store, only to be trapped inside for some time. At its worst, I couldn't even see my car, which happened to be in the very first spot in the parking lot. The thunder and beating of the rain and hail on the roof was deafening. I wondered if theater-goers could even hear the opera over all of this. Its nice to know that opera lovers are like the postman - neither rain nor hail nor thunder will keep them away. Thanks for coming and "enjoying" the opera with WXXI.

  • Time flies like an arrow   9 years 12 weeks ago

    Thanks Peggi.
    It was quite a night of music.

  • Boys Gone Wild   9 years 12 weeks ago

    I can't imagine that at all.

  • Yo-Yo Ma   9 years 13 weeks ago

    For me, guilty pleasure doesn't mean I actually feel guilty. It's more of awareness that others might look down somehow upon my choice. I guess that still implies a hierarchy, but it's a hierarchy based upon the opinions of others whose standards you may be measured against.

    Maybe I'm looking for music people would be surprised to find out he enjoys listening to - something that would elicit reactions of, "Wow, I can't believe you like that...," or something similar.

    Or maybe I'm just wondering if he like Foo Fighters. :-)

  • Boys Gone Wild   9 years 13 weeks ago

    Thanks for illuminating take your rugrat to work day - I wondered how everything went (the tour did sound a little dull from a kid's perspective - they didn't even get to hear about raccoons or naked people on the police scanner). I love how it all unfolded, especially the Tim Hortons cup. Sweet, a free coffee!

  • Boys Gone Wild   9 years 13 weeks ago


    Did you know that the boys had such a great time with John Andrus, they left him a $1 tip. He tried to turn it down, but they insisted he keep it for doing such a great job.

    PS My lecture was not really that stern.

  • Yo-Yo Ma   9 years 13 weeks ago

    The implication in such a question is that there's music to feel guilty about, a hierarchy.

  • Yo-Yo Ma   9 years 13 weeks ago

    It seems like a lot of string players misplace their instruments. You never hear about a lost tuba.

  • Yo-Yo Ma   9 years 13 weeks ago

    I would ask if there is any music he enjoys (either listening to or playing) that he considers a guilty pleasure.

  • Yo-Yo Ma   9 years 13 weeks ago

    Hmmmm, ask him if he still keeps a good eye on his 'cello after leaving it in that taxi!