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  • Time flies like an arrow   9 years 17 weeks ago

    You nailed him (especially in eric taylor 1). That captured him in the moment (scotch off image).

  • New voice for the arts   9 years 17 weeks ago

    Dear Penny,
    I must disagree with your predictions regarding the staying power of the Foo Fighters. It has already been thirteen years since their debut album, and I don't think it's lost any of its appeal. Just ask my children.

    Given that I will be in my seventies in a little over thirty years, I will note that the Foo Fighters are at least on par with the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Although you are no doubt similarly predudiced against these performers, it is worth noting their music is popular with old and new listeners alike, even though it is over thirty years old. So it is reasonable to expect that I will still enjoy the Foo Fighters, even then.

    Of course, we should expect that the Foo Fighters, like many aging rock bands before them, will eventually perform live with a symphony orchestra. Probably at Red Rock, but maybe Carnagie Hall. It will be simultaneously released on two audio CDs or one hi-def Bly-Ray video. But I digress.

  • Forget the Silver Lining   9 years 17 weeks ago


    Thanks for the mention of our website, I think "greenology" should become a term, as it is becoming a way of life for many people.

    I read that over 90 percent of school children are exposed to environmental discussions as part of their curriculums across the country, sothe green movement is obviously going to start from the young -- then up to the older generations. I think that is what has happened to recycling, 100% organic clothing and to eco-activism.

    Tomorrow is Earth Day and hopefully record numbers of people will enjoy and bask in the Planet Earth and try to keep it suitable for future generations.

    Greenology Forever!

  • Portraits   9 years 17 weeks ago

    The artist was not secretly disappointed in the face who's voice he admires. As a matter of fact, the lovely face and voice match! Hopefully I did justice to your elegant features. Thanks again.

  • New voice for the arts   9 years 18 weeks ago

    Thank you for sending us the link to the pest control agency. Upon reading your message, Penny gave a nervous chuckle and ducked into a pile of wood shavings. Perhaps you have a question for her about the arts? ;)

  • New voice for the arts   9 years 18 weeks ago
  • New voice for the arts   9 years 18 weeks ago

    Welcome, Penny the Insightful. Looks like you fit in pretty well around here.

  • Portraits   9 years 18 weeks ago

    Please don't get the wrong idea about this exchange. I believe I know "Anonymous," and I think he's pulling my leg. ;)

  • Portraits   9 years 18 weeks ago

    Something tells me that you make your living doing something you find really embarrassing. Thanks for reading my blog and adding your mid-Atlantic opinion.

  • Portraits   9 years 18 weeks ago

    I think entirely too much attention is lavished on deejays. They are lazy slackers who can't make it in the real world, parasites on society whose mindless chatter sullies the presentation of the music. Except NPR, of course.

  • World Made by Hand   9 years 18 weeks ago

    I like this book a bunch, too. I was reminded of Weisman's book, especially the remarkable chapter in which he describes how New York City would decay and erode rather quickly if humans stopped keeping it dry and propping it up.

  • World Made by Hand   9 years 18 weeks ago

    I hope you like the book. Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us, has good things to say about it.


  • World Made by Hand   9 years 18 weeks ago

    I just requested it from my local library. It sounds like an interesting read.

  • Retirement Open House for Mordecai Lipshutz   9 years 19 weeks ago

    Good friend, good mentor, source of much good listening, you will be sorely missed, Mordecai. Those of us who have delighted in your wry humor and treasured your vast knowledge of great music have been feeling rather down in the dumps knowing that we'll hear you no more, but we wish you the very best and hope you have many years of good health and good times to come. Retirement has been good to me and I hope it will be equally kind to you.

  • The what at where?   9 years 19 weeks ago

    Simon, I like your idea. Thanks for making me laugh!

    I'm hearing a variety of opinions, but the general consensus seems to be that $10 million is a lot of money in hard economic times, so why not? At least Kodak has some connection to the history of the Theatre, and you might argue that the renaming is the next logical step for the company George Eastman founded. I heard yesterday that the RPO will dedicate its upcoming performance of Orff's Carmina Burana to Kodak CEO Antonio Perez since it's a particular favorite of his.

    "Hail, world, so rich in joys! I will be obedient to you because of the pleasures you afford."

  • The what at where?   9 years 19 weeks ago

    How often have you heard "I went to "The Eastman" last night to see ...? There is a lot of value in a name and, at least for me, the RPO plays at The Eastman. I think it will take an awful lot of expensive PR to get the public to refer to it as Kodak Hall.

    That money is better spent on the improvements to make "The Eastman" a better showcase for the RPO and other talented performers.

  • The what at where?   9 years 19 weeks ago

    The Kodak Home at Pine Tree Point on Irondequoit Bay. Not to be confused with Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center!

  • Secret Confessions from Skitty   9 years 19 weeks ago

    Skitty is beautiful! I love the picture with Marsha on Facebook.

  • The what at where?   9 years 19 weeks ago

    No one will use the whole name, I'm sure, but "Kodak Hall" might stick, especially if the PR people use it aggressively. It's even kind of useful, given that there are other performance halls at Eastman (Kilbourn, Hanson).

  • Mr. Oboe   9 years 19 weeks ago

    Your comment reminds me of a friend who, when asked which sport he played in high school, replies that he was a "mathlete." Good for you for keeping up your chops and making your own reeds. I'm going to go pump some iron now. . .

  • Mr. Oboe   9 years 19 weeks ago

    Sometimes, after spending hours gouging and shaping cane, tieing up and scraping reeds, I wonder if I should have "pumped a little more iron "! Anyway, at 60 years of age, I can still find great enjoyment playing chamber music. Will Chester be able to "hit the line" still at that age? Hopefully, he will keep his oboe chops up!

  • It's not you, it's your music   9 years 20 weeks ago

    I think you both have great taste in music. It seems a little edgier than mine. I've been meaning to bug you about some playlists.

  • It's not you, it's your music   9 years 20 weeks ago

    Hope you got your taxes done.

  • It's not you, it's your music   9 years 20 weeks ago

    When I met my husband we had very different taste in music, with only a few common interests. Over time we've built on those and now have a lot in common. (And, still there's some that isn't in common.)

    I loved Franzen's book too.

  • It's not you, it's your music   9 years 20 weeks ago

    I loved your comments about who you are vs. what books you read and what music you listen to - you can tell what is happening in my life by what music I am listening to and only one or two of the people I know know this - today I woke up humming "Taking care of Business" - of course I'm working on my taxes today!