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  • Mornings, May 7 - 11   6 years 2 weeks ago


    I love that song -- and am very glad you liked it, too.

    Thank you for the support and encouragement.


  • May programs on The Chicago Symphony   6 years 2 weeks ago

    The conductors' names for each of the broadcasts is missing which I consider to be a glaring oversight that I hope will be corrected.

  • Mornings, May 7 - 11   6 years 2 weeks ago

    I enjoyed hearing "On Eagles Wings" this morning as the follow-up to Garrison Keillor's poetry reading on the Writers Almanac.It was a thoughtful and an imaginative selection.I'm continually impressed with your choice of music as I listen to the Morning Program day to day. Certainly,you must devote a good deal of time and effort on each program. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job each morning.
    Best regards,
    Bruce Kowiak

  • WXXI's Travel Club: Colors of Provence   6 years 2 weeks ago

    Is there availability for 1 person on the Oct 20- Nov 1 trip? Any singles availabilty left?

  • Mornings, May 7 - 11   6 years 2 weeks ago

    Simple answer - ME!

    However, that simple answer covers a lot of background, too. Growing up in a small town in New York State, moving to a larger city, getting married and moving to an even larger city. Driving. Classical music, always. Science Fiction reading (and now writing), singing in various choruses, Air Force (this is NOT an exhaustive list). Well, everything left its mark and is a part of who I am. But the controlling factor is still me.

    Some of my background is negative - I don't want to be that. Other is positive, as in I actively seek to be like that. And some of it is unconscious until I see it happening, like behavioral mannerisms that my father had. I made a conscious effort starting at age 19 to be something other than what I was, and became an extrovert and not afraid to meet people. That was the beginning of taking charge of my personality and really becoming me. It's still continuing, and I'm 66, now.

  • The RIT Big Shot: Painting with Light   6 years 3 weeks ago

    my wife and i went and had a great time we had our light and become a part of this and we just fell in love with it it was fun and a lot of people came out as wall. we had a great time. and cant wait to to do this more thanks you all for a great night .. and happy that the storm hald out as well lol

  • Sunday Session with Ruth Elaine   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Can't do Sunday without Ruth Elaine. Makes me forget about Monday!

  • Boléro   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Hello -- I look forward to hearing this concert, but am not clear on the program listing-- is the Piano Concerto Barber or Mozart? Thank you.

    GABRIELA LENA FRANK Three Latin American Dances
    SIERRA Sinfonia No. 4
    MOZART Piano Concerto
    RAVEL Boléro

    Bolero is one of the most popular works in the entire repertoire. Arild Remmereit also conducts Roberto Sierra’s sizzling Symphony No. 4, and the Latin American Dances of Gabriela Lena Frank. Plus, Jon Kimura Parker plays an American Classic—Samuel Barber’s lively Piano Concerto.

  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Sorry we missed the May 2 Broadcast, but will put the next ones on our calendar/ blog/ facebook page, etc! Glad to get the chance to hear the concerts!!! Liane Curtis for Women's Philharmonic Advocacy.

  • Live from Hochstein: Percussion Rochester   6 years 3 weeks ago

    Can you add titles and composers to your life streaming for Live from Hochstein? These broadcasts are GREAT! Thanks for providing them.

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1218   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Dear Christopher,

    You can find the weekly playlists for With Heart and Voice here:

    And you can listen to each week's program on our web site, http://www.withheart.... Programs are posted each Monday morning and remain available for one week.

    Thanks for listening to With Heart and Voice!

  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra   6 years 4 weeks ago

    We have a listings page on the main RPO page: http://interactive.w...

  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra   6 years 4 weeks ago

    So I guess tonight's program is to be kept a secret;

  • Masterpiece Classic: Birdsong   6 years 4 weeks ago

    I was bored to tears by this. The acting was very weak. Usually I love everything in the Masterpiece Classics series, but this could not hold my interest.

  • With Heart and Voice ® Program 1218   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Beautfiul, Beautiful Music for Tribute to Dr. Hancock. Do you publish a playlist page or have podcasts?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  • Meet Sid the Science Kid at WXXI   6 years 4 weeks ago

    We are hoping to join Sid for some science fun tomorrow!

  • Burn: An Energy Journal "Hunting for Oil, Risks, and Rewards"   6 years 4 weeks ago

    You sound very passionate about all this! I have reached out to the show producers about your post. Although we aired this program we do not produce it. Burn: An Energy Journal was created by SoundVision Productions and distributed by American Public Media. You may wish to contact them through the website: http://BurnAnEnergyJ... or on Facebook: https://www.facebook... Good Luck!

  • "Fracking" and Our Area   6 years 4 weeks ago

    This should be on the 1370 featured audio podcast or try this direct link: http://stream.public...

  • Program Listings - May 2012   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Sorry about! I missed that step yesterday! Thanks for writing in!

  • Program Listings - May 2012   6 years 4 weeks ago

    I like to keep the WXXI listings for each month on my desktop. This month there is not a link to download even though your site says to click the link below. I tried to print to file but I MUST sign in or sign up to a site I really don't know anything about and don't care to sign up for. Please re incorporate this feature so I can have easy access to your listings. Thank you

  • "Fracking" and Our Area   6 years 4 weeks ago

    This was an excellent review of fracking technology, economic benefits and risks. Will it be available as a podcast?

  • FRONTLINE: Money, Power and Wall Street - Part 2   6 years 4 weeks ago


  • BURN: An Energy Journal   6 years 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for your comment. If you would like to contact the producers of this program please visit their website at http://burnanenergyj.... There you will find more information about the Deepwater Horizon spill and other energy topics as well as blogs and social media networks through which you can pose your questions.

  • Live from Hochstein: Awake the Voice! Awake the String!   6 years 4 weeks ago


    You can hear the concert streaming online as it happens Wednesday at 12:10pm or repeated Wednesday night at 10pm: http://interactive.w...

    You can also hear it on the radio in the Rochester area on 91.5, and in the Houghton area on 90.3.

    Or if you have lunchtime free and its not too far, you can come hear the concert in person at the Hochstein School: http://www.hochstein...


  • Live from Hochstein: Awake the Voice! Awake the String!   6 years 4 weeks ago

    How do I get to listen to this?