Teddy Geiger's RPO speech

He is just musically gifted every way. Teddy can write a hit pop single and still have taste for classical pieces. You can't even grasp his wide range of style by listening, you have to be at a concert. This way you can take in every facial expression, every note. I applaud his musical diversity.


I haven't heard him live, but I know he's a gifted singer. I checked his first album out of the library this summer.

The scenario in my blog is an imagined one, of course. I hope that's clear.

The question is, does an orchestra need the endorsement of anyone, whether he's a teen heart-throb, hip hop artist, or spike-haired hipster?

How can Oregon's or Rochester's or Cleveland's orchestras attract the Culturally-Aware Non-Attenders? What gives a concert a sense of occasion? Does classical music need to be cool? And when will I ever stop being a Band Geek? I lie awake at night wondering.