The district’s graduation rate is 39%. Six schools in the district have been designated by the state as needing improvement.


graduation credit requirements

In a district where a great many of the children are behind in reading, and therefore behind in math, history and science, it is ridiculous that the credit requirement for high school graduation is significantly above that which the state requires. For a student to be required to pass four science and math courses to graduate, for example, when that student may not be a native English speaker or may have some other impediment to achieving a full educational experience, dooms that child to fail and ultimately drop out or age out of the system.

The minimum for graduation from all of the district's high schools should be the state mandated 22, with the possible exception of Wilson, the science and tech magnet which has a charter, but only if students admitted to Wilson do so willingly and know the higher requirement they must achieve. However, at each school in particular programs the requirement can be adjusted up to 24, 25 or 26 credits. Children and their families can choose to be either a general education student (at 22 credits) or enroll in an honors or other program (24-26 credits).

I imagine the original thought was that higher expectations would lead to higher achievement. I think the numbers speak for themselves. More stringent requirements have lead to more frustration for both students and staff, and ultimately have achieved only lower results.

Basic skills

Many high school teachers say that to often students enter high school reading at a third or fourth grade level.

• What are you going to do, to increase significantly, the number of students who read at grade level, in district high schools?

skill level

It appears the lack of accountability in our city school system is noticed by others but no corrective measures are put in place due to the power of thr teachers union.
suspendsion with pay is not any form of disapline, just another paid vacation, I would like that in my job, screw up and get a paid vacation for doing so.
Make our teachers accountable and our children will get the education we pay them for. Any nonpublic employer would fire those who do not deliver.
why do the children have to study for ELA/COMPASS in other classes rather than being tought what that class was meant for?
This boils down to thief of servbices in my book. a criminal act by our school administration.

Discipline and District/School Environment Issues

Everyone talks about sending so many students home, talk about the number of students sent out of class, talk about the number of un-resolved problems between school staff and adults in the home, etc.

• Superintendent Brizard, specifically, what initiatives are you considering to address district/school environment?

• What initiatives are you considering, to improve its discipline process?

• What do you think of Character Education and what place does it have in this district?

performance-based budgeting

Superintendent Brizard, what is the different between zero-based and performance-based budgeting?

Why not performance-based budgeting?

education lack of

I have had 2 step ghildren in the city school system and feel the rochester school system needs revamped starting at the top, actually evampe the new york state school sytem.
My steo son was robbed of and education for two years and now he is in a private school and has to do extra work to catch up.
Mr Rivera was fired for cause nad then rehired by a cery shady system, he has since been moved up to state level, were he will do no better than he did here.
Mr Bizard has made himself unavailable to the public for questions, Is he also going to be as inacountable?

monolingual teaching in bilingual classes

I have noticed in most (not all) classrooms that are called "bilingual" all instruction is being done in Spanish -year after year- and not English. How does this help children to become proficient enough in English to pass state requirments, grade-level requirments etc....
I know parents who try to get their children in regular classrooms because they want their children to learn English and they know their kids won't get that in most "bilingual classrooms.
How will this change?
Thank you, Mrs. Rios-Bakari