Wish List for President Obama

President-elect Barack Obama / Photo credit: Scout Tufankjian / Polaris

On January 20, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. With the US involved in two wars and the world gripped by an economic crisis, all eyes will be on the new president. Mr. Obama campaigned on the themes of hope and change. What are your hopes for President Obama?

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My Hopes for the 44th President of the United States of America

As a citizen of this country, there is so much I feel that we could improve upon. And so many doors have been opened with the impending entrance of Barack Obama into the White House. What I would like to see from our new President is the planting of seeds. He only has four years: that is not nearly enough time to fix the problems we face with our healthcare system, our war across the world and most importantly, our economic depression. But he can plant the seeds for future leaders who will hopefully carry on the ideals that President-Elect Barack Obama has spoken of: affordable health-care, an exit strategy from Iraq, and a solution to our economic crisis. These are my wishes for my country and my future President.

Universal Health Care

I wish for universal health care, on the model of the VA. We need to eliminate the claim filers in doctors' offices and the insurance companies completely. We should also eliminate doctors' medical school debt since the interest just goes to banks and as patients, we ultimately pay the loans.

The VA model has the government owning the health care facilities and employing the doctors. When I was in the air force, if I was sick I walked over to sick bay and they took care of me. That's it.

My son recently had a serious asthma attack while traveling in England. We went to the hospital. They treated him promptly and well. When we asked for the bill, not only did they not present us with a bill, but they pointed out they don't even have a billing department. They don't pay billing clerks. Service was excellent and efficient. There was NO WAIT. It seems like everyone in England complains about their National Health Service, but no one would trade for our system.

Judging by the French experience, we could provide health care to everyone for 30% less cost overall, while improving outcomes and satisfaction. This eliminates the argument of how to pay for universal health care. The only downside is the unemployment that will be created amongst insurance company employees.

Transission Diaglog, Green Infrastrucure, and Our Self interest

As a president of the United States, Barak Obama must be a symbol of the character of this nation and its people to the world, a great decision maker, and the people's mentor.

In the prior administration the people were taught to work on the boundaries of the law and decency, to exploit legal gaps and semantics for personal gain. First on my wish list for Barak Obama, is to return our government to one that works on principal, in which principal is adherence to the foundational philosophies that made America great. We as a government, with Barack at the helm, should follow the rule of law and, if there is no law, follow what is just. This symbolic gesture would change the inner dialog for the people in our society and the world from, "Am I breaking a law?" to "Am I doing what is right?", a needed change of heart.

In terms of policy, and a as a symbol to the world, we need to work hard to lead the world in green infrastructure. Though many countries have a jump on the the United States, I believe with enough support we can transform our way of using and producing energy on a broad scale to be a world leader. Such an initiative needs to be supported by a strong focus on supporting green entrepreneurs, implementing policies and providing funding to make a government facilities carbon neutral, and implementing an environmental impact tax on energy, based on the environmental impact of the energy source's creation and consumption.

Additionally, universal basic health care coverage is a necessity for turning this country around. Universal basic health care benefits will create a more entrepreneurial spirit within the United states. Potential entrepreneurs will be able to more readily leave current positions to start their own ventures without fear of losing health coverage. Thus allowing the country to jump start innovation.

The expectations for Barak Obama are very great and the wish list for his administration is growing daily, so my final wish is for the citizens of the United States and the world. I wish that we, as the people, do not let personal interests limit our country's ability to react of the grave issues it is facing, and I wish us all the patience required to see this through.

Wish List for Obama: get out of Iraq & Afghanistan & focus on US

My greatest hopes for Barack Obama as our next president is for him to get us out of both Iraq and Afghanistan and to put the focus on domestic issues here in the US. Everything else will follow in its proper order if he can have the strength, presence of mind and conscience to do this.

Obama Wishlist

We have never had a truly courageous, progressive President. FDR had many good qualities and was responsible for a great number of valuable actions through our government, but he had to be pushed and pressed by the People. This wish is for Barack Obama to be the leader that millions of us wanted, and need so badly. He must direct those who work for him so that we do not have business as usual. While I can never expect the President always to say and do precisely what I, personally, prefer, I wish him to be our leader working towards genuine peace and justice, equality and freedom, and using government for the constant care of everyone.

Wishlist for the American Way

Let us hope that this administration structures a goverment similar to the intentions of our forefathers; The belief in individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on goverment and the judiciary, the promotion of free enterprise, a strong national defense and a belief in values that can only be secured through the excersise of individual rights and responsibilities established by our Declaration of Independance and our republic's constitution. And let us hope to uphold our most basic tenet of our republic; "that all men are created equal, that they endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Without this we too shall perish from this earth.

An ambitious infrastructure

An ambitious infrastructure project with energy as a priority. One of the things that we are lagging behind Europe, China, and Japan is high-speed trains. Think about the benefits of a high-speed rail system connecting upstate cities to NYC. Even a previous-generation European high-speed rail system can cut the current travel time from Rochester to NYC almost by half. A state-of-the-art system can make the trip faster, more dependable, and far more energy efficient than air travel.

universal health care

I wish for nationalized, universal health care. I'd like to see the Adminstration survey the healthcare offered in hte major European countries who have better outcomes than we do and then draw upon the best in each model to establish universal health care--a single-payer system. This would improve our dismal health care outcomes (compared with all other major industrialized countries) and our economy by removing the huge burden from businesses and individuals (thus imporving our ability to compete as well as their bottom line).
One essential piece of any health care improvement is resolving the growing shortage of primary health care doctors and nurse practitioners. This could be done by (1) paying for outcomes, not procedures, (2) emphasizing and paying well for primary, poreventive care and (2) subsidizing medical school so that people didn't emerge with astronomical debts.
Also--improving care for elderly and infirm--increase in availability of in-home care, independant living and assisted living. Setting up mnursing home care htat doesn't impoverish the individual or their spouse.....

How tax money is spent

No less a personage than Thomas Jefferson said, "It is sinful and tyrranical to force a man to support, by his taxes, that which his soul abhors." A majority of Americans abhor abortion, no matter what name you give it. Our wish is for Obama, who's so fond of change, to change his announced intentions of making abortion more accessible using tax dollars.

hopes for President Obama

I hope President Obama will make America the shining example to the world it once was. I maintain that means a kind of society where there is opportunity for all. In practical terms, I believe that means a stimulus package big enough to accommodate those with the very least skills, and those with the very best. I know we were fairly prosperous during the New Deal period between 1933 and 1969. I want to see a Department of Justice that will vigorously enforce every Civil Rights law on the books. I include the Americans with Disabilities Act in its original form. I mean a national health care system that is represented by HR 676, The Expand Medicare for All Act. I also mean of system of national legal insurance. I know of too many people who have had good case, and could not go to court, because they could not afford upfront legal fees. I want to have stringent regulations placed on each government contract that is granted to the private sector, such that the public has oversight of each aspect of the bidding process, and anything that follows. Dwight Eisenhower was right, when in hnis farewell specch on January 17, 1961, he warned of the growth of a buge military-industrial complex. I believe the maturation of that has brought our country to the brink of disaster. I hope for our sake, as well as that of the rest of the world, President Obama will work to strictly contain its influence.

I hope that Obama will end

I hope that Obama will end abortion in the USA and do everything he can to see the UN ends support of abortion.

My Wish

I wish that our new President will stop spending tax payers money on perks, fancy dinners, redecorating, and waste. I wish the President would look at every single payment that is given to any government agency and justify it as if he was an AVERAGE AMERICAN and it were his own money. I was sickened to eat my simple supper of soup while I watched the World News- in one sentence I heard how broke the country is - how it hasn't been this bad since the "Great" Depression, I listened to the people who are out of work and now unemployment has run out for them, and I listened to another announcement of ANOTHER store closing and then I had to listen to Laura Bush boast of lavish dinners at the White House and flaunted the Christmas trees in every room. One sentence The country is broke - who is paying for those dinners and decoration? I have friends who work for the government and talk endlessly of the waste that goes on. This is what needs to be cut, along with our taxes. The CEO's need be fired when they fail to keep their companies thriving. They are not EARNING those ridiculous salaries- enough is enough. The days of 8000% mark up on the average product needs to stop.

AND PLEASE MR. PRESIDENT- PLEASE LET AMERICANS MAKE PRODUCTS AGAIN AND STOP BUYING EVERYTHING FROM CHINA. I can't find anything that is made in the USA and everything I buy falls apart because it's made in China.

AND PLEASE- KEEP ASKING AMERICANS WHAT'S GOING ON- This is the key to your REAL success and this is what will change the world.


Health Care for ALL!!

Please Please Please! Soon Soon Soon!!

Some items for the wish list

I would reinforce the need for infrastructure aid and add the idea of the electric grid as a basic need. Also I would hope that if NAFTA is to revised it will not affect the current trade with Canada as that has done wonders for the Western New York area. Otherwise I supportthe Obama agenda and wish him the best and great success in dealing with Congress and rthe world. As a personal note I would love to his viewas on constitutional reform as he was a Professor of Constitutional LAw at Chicago I believe.

Peace in the world

We wish a peaceful world.

housebill establishing equal rights to knowledge for all

i like house bill making all become active soldiers because most want others to do what they could do themselves and that bill would be gift to all even if it were painful it would help them regardless if natural disaster strikes or in a jam

Evansville is becoming a better place thank you sir