Mozart's Birthday


To Brenda...for an early riser, but, with apology for short notice, a request, in remembrance of the event, some 254 years ago tomorrow, to be exact, is nonetheless, still considered to be on short notice.

One might argue that, since the work in question, The Great C Mass in C Minor, KV 427 had not had pen to parchment until he summer of 1782, some 26 years after his birth that there is yet some room for negotiation. Another point is that, technically speaking, Mozart only completed four parts: Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Benedictus, while writing the beginning of the Credo and sketching "Et incarnatus". However, his the wonders and blessing of marriage to Constanze had only begun to blossom at that point, and so one must stand the more in awe of a work, one that, despite being considered a "fragment", stands beside Bach's B Minor Mass and Beethoven's Missa Solemnis.

So, "all things considered" (ouch), i give way in respect, as always, to the diligent and dedicated work of our Ms. Tremblay, likely long prepared and polished, for tomorrow's grand event. (But...if there might be even the smallest of opportunity to hear the voices of those (Maria Stader, Hertha Topper, Ernst Haeflinger and Ivan Sardi) on the Deutsche Grammaophon recording, from which I shamlessly constructed the above in good spirit of amusement, I would be most appreciative. If not, then I'm certain that tomorrow's programme will be, as was said often in the 60's, "far out!"


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The above was sent in relief of CSPAN overexposure from a listener in the 19th Ward, where lives a Cockapoo named Charley.