WXXI "Goes Public" With a New Branding Campaign

Go Public. Television. Radio. Online. WXXIRochester, New York (October 12, 2009) –WXXI "Goes Public" with a major new branding campaign and redesigned web site that reinforces WXXI's mission as an indispensable media resource that works to improve the quality of life in the Greater Rochester area.

"When people see "Go Public" we hope it will remind them that public media is where they can turn for trustworthy news, the best in arts and culture, children's programming and educational services that make a difference in our community," said WXXI President Norm Silverstein.

With its new tagline, "Go Public," WXXI invites the community to re-discover the programming and services that have made it the community's most trusted media partner. WXXI has also bolstered its wide array of offerings with a compelling new on-line presence. "Go Public" looks to enhance WXXI's role as the essential resource for education, thought and discussion in the region, while providing programming and services the community depends on.

In today's cluttered media environment, WXXI is uniquely positioned as the "Independent Media Voice" for the Rochester area.  WXXI-TV is the last locally owned and operated television station in the community, and WXXI's radio stations are among a handful that are not owned by large, out-of-town media conglomerates. 

Long considered a leader in education and arts programming, WXXI recently merged its radio and television news services to create the WXXI Center for Public Affairs. This has afforded WXXI the ability to present an on-air and on-line news service that provides the community with rich content in local, national and international news and information. By presenting the best from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR) and local reporters and producers, WXXI helps provide a deeper understanding of issues that affect the world around us.

WXXI worked with the Ad Council of Rochester who surveyed the Greater Rochester area to help evaluate the WXXI brand. The survey revealed that people tune in to WXXI for a variety of reasons, including national and local news, classical music, children's programming, arts, and documentaries. Those findings also revealed a brand essence – words used most to best describe WXXI. Those words included "smart, inspiring, trustworthy, accessible and community-focused." WXXI then began building on those strengths, which ultimately set the foundation for the "Go Public" branding campaign.

The findings also provided the impetus for WXXI to redesign WXXI.org, which now features a more intuitive site navigation and robust news section emphasized on the home page. The site boasts new interactive features including a video player, which provides on-demand media from PBS and WXXI; an online "Café" section dedicated to blogs, live chats, and polls, and places to discuss and respond to individual program episodes and topics. Part of WXXI's online rebranding also includes the launch of several new e-Newsletters including a free daily News e-Newsletter that pulls essential content from the site to share with its subscribers.

With the rebranding of the station identity came a transition of the WXXI logo. The design and thought that went into the redesign borrowed from the findings of the rebranding data. As the community sees WXXI in many different ways, the new logo embodies that diversity. The logo begins with a curved "W" that expresses movement and reflects the flow and creativity of thought that distinguishes many services that WXXI offers. The "XXI" font then provides the stability, strength and clarity that are also depended upon from WXXI. Together, the new WXXI logo captures the independence and assurance that WXXI brings to the Rochester community in a fresh, clean look. In keeping the existing blue and gold color palette that has defined the station for the last decade, the logo strikes a balance between the past and the present.