Masterpiece Classic: Return to Cranford

Masterpiece Classic: Return to Cranford

Sun, 01/17/2010 - 9:00pm

Pictured (l-r): Celia Imrie as Lady Glenmire, Barbara Flynn as Mrs. Jamieson, Imelda Staunton as Miss Octavia Pole, Deborah Findlay as Miss Tomkinson, Judi Dench as Matty Jenkyns, Lisa Dillon as Mary Smith and Julia McKenzie as Mrs. Forrester.

Credit: ©2009 Laurence Cendrowicz/BBC for MASTERPIECE

Dame Judi Dench returns in Part Two the highly anticipated sequel to the Emmy-nominated “Cranford” miniseries, based on the novels of Elizabeth Gaskell.

Change is racing towards the small, close-knit village of Cranford like a steam train — quite literally. As the railroad continues to encroach at the edge of town, Cranford strives to open to new realities, from surprising romances to unexpected losses and even waltzing! Matty Jenkyns (Judi Dench), Miss Pole (Imelda Staunton), Mrs. Forrester (Julia McKenzie) and Mrs. Jamieson (Barbara Flynn) are back with other distinguished residents of Cranford, along with one well-outfitted and mischievous cow. When a shocking event seemingly derails Cranford from its innocence, can a bit of magic and faith in enduring friendships save the day? Based on the stories of Victorian-era writer Elizabeth Gaskell, Return to Cranford also features Tom Hiddleston (Wallander) and Tim Curry. Return to Cranford Part 1 of 2 airs Sunday, January 10 at 9 p.m. and Part 2 of 2 airs Sunday, January 17th at 9p.m. on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable 1011 and 11).