CG Ryche: Echoes of Silence on WXXI-TV

CG Ryche: Echoes of Silence on WXXI-TV

Sun, 09/19/2010 - 12:15am


Journey around the world with master percussionist C.G. Ryche.

From the visionary world of master percussionist and composer C.G. Ryche and acclaimed director John H. Radulovic comes the concert experience like no other, Echoes of Silence. This special concert will take you around the world with unprecedented multicultural drumming from Cuba, Brazil, Japan, Africa and America unlike anything you have seen before.

C.G. Rych: Echoes of Silence airs Sunday, September 19 at 12:15 a.m. (quarter past midnight on Saturday, September 18) on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable 11/cable 1011).

Top-notch musicians and renowned percussionists join C.G. on stage with powerhouse performances for the whole family. Echoes of Silence also teams up with Hollywood heavyweight John H. Radulovic to combine state-of-the-art film making with the concert environment. C.G. is considered a World-Class Percussionist and a Pioneer in his field and has arranged & choreographed percussion ensembles for, The NFL, Disney, Hollywood Pictures, Pixar, Benise, John Wayne Cancer Society to only name a few. C.G. also has a big heart for kids and the under privileged and is current working with corporate sponsorships to bring disadvantaged children to meet the band before shows and watch the concert. Any way you slice it C.G. Rych: Echoes of Silence is a breathtaking musical journey for all ages that pushes the boundaries of sight, sound and imagination.