Everyday Edisons Season II Mini-Marathon

Everyday Edisons Season II Mini-Marathon

Thu, 09/02/2010 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Pictured: EVERYDAY EDISONS season two inventors.

Tune in for episodes 1-4 as Everyday Edisons delves behind the scenes for the intriguing stories of the inventions - and the inventors themselves.

Everyday Edisons’ second season documents 15 new inventors as each product is taken from idea to a product ready for store shelves, each hand-selected by product development experts through a series of nationwide casting call auditions.  Each episode chronicles the development process and features a diverse range of new product concepts, including an alarm clock, two pet accessories and a new take on the first-aid bandage. 

Everyday Edisons Season II, Episodes 1-4 air Thursday, September 2 from 7-9 p.m. and encore Saturday, September 4 from 5-7 p.m. on PBS World (cable 524/DT21.2).

Everyday Edisons opens doors for creative innovators who do not have access to the opportunities we present on the show,” said Louis Foreman, executive producer and lead judge for Everyday Edisons.  “By exploring the complicated process of product development, it is our hope that we also educate viewers about what it takes to bring a product to market.”

The unique series showcases a diverse group of people - from a southern Californian businessman whose ordeal of escaping Vietnam by boat in 1967 led him to America to fulfill his wildest dreams, to a novice inventor who stumbled on his workable concept just three days before the casting call. The second season also features a charming septuagenarian, a pair of engaging teenage sons of a famous NFL coach and many other inventors.