Second “Bully” Talk Back Discussion at the Little

Second “Bully” Talk Back Discussion at the Little

Sat, 05/05/2012 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

If you missed the debut screening of Bully and the talk back, here's a second chance to watch and be engaged. 

A second panel discussion around the film “Bully” is scheduled for  Saturday, May 5. The film screens at 7pm, immediately followed by a panel of experts moderated by reporter Caroline Tucker of News 8. Tickets are $8, $5 for seniors and students.

“The public response to this topic has been passionate, and at times, heartbreaking. We felt compelled to provide a second opportunity for audiences to discuss the topic, as well as learn from our panelists and each other,” said Derek Reis, the Little Theatre’s General Manager.

Panelists include:

Aiko Takemura, a native of Japan who has been a resident of Rochester NY since 1997.  In her career as a social worker, she has focused on assisting children and adults in using crisis and transforming it into an opportunity for growth. As a crisis therapist at the Mobile Crisis Team that is part of the University of Rochester’s Department of Psychiatry, Aiko works in many environments such as urban and suburban communities, schools, churches, parks, and even parking lots! Her heart is in working with children and she listens to and learns from children she works with.  She is gratified by the fact that she can contribute in promoting health for children even in a small way as she ponders how to reach those who may not come her way.

Dr. Jennie Schaff, a professor of Educational Technology within the department of Language, Literacy, and Technology at Nazareth College. Jennie's background includes extensive research in the field of educational technology specifically focusing on cyberbullying and on the impact of social media and new and innovative technologies as they pertain to children and their behaviors. Jennie has presented nationally on the topic of cyberbullying and is currently working on the development of a K-12 curriculum surrounding the topic of cyberbullying. Additionally, Jennie is currently in the process of writing a novel designed for young adult readers about a group of friends living in the world of social media.

Peter A. Wyman, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Services at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He studies  resilience across childhood and develops school-based programs that promote competence and health.  Wyman is currently evaluating the Sources of Strength program in 40 New York Schools with funding from the NIMH.  Sources of Strength trains student peer leaders to promote a positive school culture by changing norms through their social networks.  

About the film:

BULLY follows five kids and their families over the course of a school year. Their stories include two families who have lost children to suicide, and a mother awaiting the fate of her 14-year-old daughter, who has been incarcerated after bringing a gun on her school bus. With an intimate glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias, and principals' offices, BULLY offers insight into the often cruel world of the lives of bullied children. Through the power of their stories, the film aims to be a catalyst for change in the way we deal with bullying as parents, teachers, children, and society as a whole.

Watch the trailer for Bully: