Fixing Juvie Justice

Fixing Juvie Justice

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 9:00pm

A young offender locked up at a juvenile detention facility.

Credit: Courtesy of Richard Ross

Young people in the United States are entering the youth justice system in shocking numbers, and many seem to come out worse than when they went in. The staggering costs and recidivism — more than half of incarcerated kids are likely to recommit crimes after being released — have led people to wonder if there is a better way to deal with youth offenders and whether exposure to the system itself could in fact be perpetuating a life of crime. While only about 25 percent of juvenile cases involve violent acts, the system is also sweeping up kids who have committed minor infractions. From cops to judges to families, many are urgently seeking alternatives to the juvenile justice system. Fixing Juvie Justice, airing August 13, 2013 at 9 p.m. on WXXI-TV.