America Abroad "Deradicalizing Terrorist"

America Abroad "Deradicalizing Terrorist"

Sun, 01/05/2014 - 9:00pm

From the Boston Marathon bombings to a recent attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya, 2013 has seen a spike in terrorism worldwide. Even as the U.S. uses military force to try and weaken Al Qaeda and affiliated groups, it is grappling with how to fight terrorism on another front -- battling the extremist ideas and ideologies that drive the violence. It is a battle that is waged in schools, mosques, community centers and any other place you might find potential terror recruits.

America Abroad: De-Radicalizing Terrorists, airing Sunday, January 5, 2014 at 9 p.m. on AM 1370/FM-HD91.5-2, takes a closer look at how governments, community groups and activists are tackling the ideological front in the global battle against terrorism, from London to Jakarta, Riyadh and Minneapolis.

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