Family Movie Night: The Peg + Cat Mystery Hour

Family Movie Night: The Peg + Cat Mystery Hour

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 7:00pm - Sun, 05/27/2018 - 9:00pm

Peg & Cat as museum guards at the art museum

It's Family Movie Night!  Check out The Peg + Cat Mystery Hour on the WXXI Kids 24/7 channel on Friday at 7pm, repeating on Saturday and Sunday evenings at the same time. Get ready with these fun activities!

Peg and Cat are guarding works of art in the museum at night. A shape thief strikes while they are in the rhombus room. Find out what happens next! on #FamilyMovieNight

Get Ready with These Fun Learning Activities!

  • We know, you’re freaking out because tonight’s the PEG + CAT Mystery Hour on the WXXI Kids Family Night! Never fear, you can build the skills you need when you play Super Peg at  (Trust us, it’s super-fun).

  • Enjoying your weekend? Take some math outside with a sidewalk chalk game from PBS Parents.

  • Planning some food for the big night? How about some tangram puzzle sandwiches? Maybe a rhombus shaped sandwich?

  • When PEG + CAT finish solving really big problems they love to celebrate with a tasty fruit snack like this Pirate’s “Great Banana” fruit salad. It’s reaaalllyy good!

  • So pop some popcorn and get ready for Family Movie Night with WXXI Kids 24/7 on TV 21.4/Cable 1277/1278 or on WXXI Kids website or the PBS KIDS Video App