Reversing the Stigma

Reversing the Stigma

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 9:30pm

Provided by Office of General Services

Reversing the Stigma highlights the work being done in New York State to combat addiction and reminds viewers that addiction is a chronic disease that is treatable.

Reversing the Stigma, airing Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 9:30 p.m. on WXXI-TV, is a documentary that looks at addiction and recovery and the stigmas that surround them. The film, narrated by acclaimed television journalist Laurie Dhue, profiles multiple people in various stages of recovery, who share their stories and experiences.

Dhue, a former television news anchor who hosted programs on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, speaks throughout the film about her own nearly two-decades-long struggle with addiction, as well as her own recovery process. Along with interviews from New Yorkers in recovery, care professionals and New York State leaders, the documentary also examines stigma and the steps New York State is taking to address addiction and support people whose lives it has touched. Reversing the Stigma is presented by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services.

This program airs immediately after WXXI's Second Opinion special, Overdose: Inside the Epidemic  and the Second Opinion LIVE forum, as part of a night of programming designed to empower individuals and families to speak out, reach out, and improve their own awareness of local resources for addiction.