Become a sustaining member

I’m sure you have been following the battle in Washington for a solution to the debt crisis. As the framework of the plan is put in place, we look on with interest here at WXXI, because the future of public broadcasting may be significantly affected.

Though nothing in the Leadership Agreement addresses public broadcasting funding directly, the Special Joint Committee – tasked with reducing federal spending by an additional $1.5 trillion – could target our funding for cuts as part of their proposal. Though we have been holding our own in our effort to maintain funding, we will be monitoring the situation closely over the next several months. You can also show your support by visiting and signing up to receive updates.  Because the future of WXXI and public broadcasting is at stake, it is important that you let your voice be heard.

Our battle for federal funding notwithstanding, it is membership support that is the core of everything we do. Consider the shows that engaged you as a child, the documentaries that opened up new worlds to you as a student, and the programs that keep you informed and entertained as an adult. Another way you can help assure the future of public broadcasting is by becoming a Sustaining Member. Sustainers provide a reliable source of income through ongoing monthly gifts of as little as $5 a month. By doing so you are automatically renewed annually. You’ll never receive a renewal notice again, saving WXXI thousands of dollars in postage, printing and administrative costs – not to mention the positive environmental benefits of less paper waste. More importantly, a sustaining gift provides dependable program funding we can count on; decreasing the time we fundraise on the air.

 WXXI is an essential part of who we are as a community – because only public broadcasting gives everyone access to non-commercial, inspirational, educational programming that helps us grow stronger as a region. I hope you will “Go Public” – and “Go Green” – with a sustainer membership. Thank you for your continued belief in the importance of public broadcasting.