Investigation Continues into Explosion Near Airport

An explosion at a hydrogen fueling station on the grounds of the Greater Rochester International Airport injured two people and closed the airport for about an hour just before 1:00pm.

The explosion was not near the airport terminal and no aircraft were involved. Portions of Interstate 390 and other roads near the airport were closed but most roads have reopened.

The accident happened during a fuel tank exchange at a facility that provides fuel services to GM vehicles.  The stationary tank exploded first which then ignited the fuel truck. No word on what caused the initial explosion, but there was possibly some type of arcing that may have provided the spark. Emergency officials continue to investigate.

Robert Scruggs, 61, an employee for Praxair, suffered burns to his hands and face.  The other person injured was a worker at the nearby Burger King restaurant. The 20 year old woman suffered ear pain from the loud explosion. Her name was not available.

Two flights headed to Rochester were diverted to the Buffalo Niagara Airport.  Several other flights in and out of Rochester were delayed as a precaution. Air travelers are urged to check online or by phone for the latest information regarding their flights.

Click Here for reaction from Praxair, an international company that handles gas fuels. They say this is a very rare event.

The map below illustrates the portion of the airport near where the incident occurred. The actual fueling station is accessed via Scottsville Road.


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