Underground Gas Storage? Finger Lakes Business Owners Say No

A group of Finger Lakes business owners is rallying opposition to a proposed energy project near the south end of Seneca Lake.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward says the project calls for storing liquified petroleum gas in underground salt caverns.

Zack's latest Innovation Trail blog post gives extensive in-depth background on the story.

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Gas storage and drilling

These business owners are absolutely right in their opposition to gas storage and drilling. Both will do great harm to the economy of the area, and, thus, will harm business. Gas drilling will NOT be an economic benefit. Note that many local and large national banks are now creating policies that limit or eliminate lending money for mortgages on property with gas leases or within 300 feet of property with leases! That should tell you something about the "business" of gas drilling and the nature of the industry. Tourists and agricultural enterprises will not be interested in coming to an area that has become an industrial wastescape!!